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This is great.

However, I feel like "Puncturing" should be less about missiles and more general to accomodate other puncturing stuff (IE: Spear, ice pick, awl, needle, spike etc.). Or perhaps split up into "Puncturing" and "Missiles".

Animated would obviously be totally awesome but I realize that takes a lot more time. I was really just thinking about static sprites.

Would you consider making a collection of critters/monsters?

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Thank you. It all works perfectly now. Much appreciated.

The lack of a complete archive makes a lot of sense, no problem.

All the best.

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A very impressive collection. But...

It's very disappointing that I use Linux and I can't unpack your .zip-files. Your .rar-files are also errornous but not unpackable. If I rename your .zip files to .rar, they act as the other .rars. This ain't it, chief.

I would suggest that you pack your stuff with 7-Zip ( if you don't already. And maybe that you stick to either .rar or .zip.

Also, maybe provide a complete archive with all the included packs.