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how do u do online stuff?


thanks for the help:(

i still cant join the discord

it didnt let me in i was only joining i couldnt do anything

im sorry about all the trouble ive caused you its just i could have gone round the map in god mode really

im sorry im facing difficulties joining the discord 

hi for the benefit of my friends and i, if you are having damage dealing or damage taking issues plz send the developer your player log :) 

has it been fixed yet?

and i cant open chests either

sorry i meant yeah it wont let me deal damage or take damage yet 

its not letting me sos

hi plz can u help or at least try to fix the game because nothing is taking damage except from me in the water

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great game and all but on all the videos they can do damage to those dwarf things and i cant do any thing the creatures and i will stand there as they beat me up and i do no damage to them plz fix or help