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A member registered Jun 12, 2020

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I've tried this game and it doesn't look bad, it has a simplistic style and work okay with a little bit of input lag. 

Despite the okay title i still have problems with it, The so called arcade style is only on paper, there's no arcade feel while playing this game cause the controls are terrible, I played this on a PS3 controller and it forced me to move with the analog stick only (first mistake) we should be able to use Dpad. 

You have a full controller at your disposition and you map different moves on the same keys. 

Here's how it would be 100 time better, more intuitive. 

Square = Attack

Cross = Jump

Dpad/Analog = Movements

Left trigger = Dash

Right trigger or Circle = Guard

It would've made the whole game much more playable, by just having controls on same buttons i end up doing actions i don't want to and get frustrated every time.