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Since it's a prototype, why not publish it in web format ? ( with unity it's quite easy )

Nice for the endless and self fight aspect !
Is there more than the green ?

Indeed, I got the 15 one. Suggestion : can you add a full screen button.

Very nice, 14/14. The impossible one is a little bit frustrating, but I guess it makes you think which one is very hard and which one is impossible, so might be game design :-/ .
Bug : I got stuck when pushing blocks sometime, or when appearing in corner.

Well done, and good level design. The mirror levels are brain explosion at first.

Very good concept and level design. You should tell that you have to click to start the level, I was lost :)

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Cool for dropping the tool. A count down to the next order could be good also. With may-be a flashing warning for the last one, because here you lose without knowing why.

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I'm still able to completely beat the game with 6 houses.

Nice physic. Good general feeling. But the music is so repetitive (but not bad) I had to quit.

Sorry the previous download used the wrong unity scene, use this one instead.

Having to put back the tool is a little bit annoying since you don't see where. Either draw  an outline where you can put it back, or switch automatically.

Nice upgrade to Asteroids. Very frantic.
Auto fire would be a healthy option.

The thing is it modify this windows file : C:\WINDOWS\system32\d3d9caps.dat so that's quite suspicious.
May be you could export it to html5 and put it on

I'm sorry but this is detected as a Trojan by several antivirus : analysis

This is a puzzle game, so you have to think about how you can expand the most from your base platform, and then the action come when you are trying to implement it.
I didn't put any timer because this is artificial, and I don't want to stress the player. Max score is 900, can you reach it ?
By the way I put the US keyboard layout and some other key and gamepad in 1.2. Thanks for your comment.
Ho and you will get some sound if you reach 100 :)

Sympas ce casse tête, et bon level design.

Feature request : décrementer le nombre de block quand en place un.

Bug : on peu empiler plusieurs blocks.

Nice little Puzzle game.

(there is a small bug when you try to exit with another color than the blue one)