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I just finished reading through both this and Heartbreaker and now I REALLY wanna play it! Phenomenal job on this!

(also I translated the Wingdings on both because I'm normal)

Thanks for the response! I think I'll use the LIGHT version, as I want the players to feel like their choices and execution are driving the combat forwards. I want things such as elemental effects to be mostly flavor and allow the players to do neat things and think outside the box. This system is PERFECT for the kind of "that seems reasonable" mentality I have about TTRPGs. I hope people like my weird and (hopefully) wonderful games!

Hey! Since I'm building a LUMEN game myself, I was wondering how some of the mechanics work.

1) Many tags such as "Spin Up" and "Vengeful" don't seem to specify the additional Harm they deal. Is it to be assumed that it increases by 1 Harm?

2) Tags such as "Charge," "Scoped," "Reload," and "Stationary" specify time being spent to gain an additional bonus. Is this flavor, or do players have to spend their action to achieve these effects?

3) The core mechanic differs between LUMEN and LIGHT: LUMEN has equal chances of a fail, mixed success, and success, while LIGHT has a failure on 1-3, mixed success on a 4-5, and success on a 6. Is this difference intended to serve a purpose? If not, which one works better?

Thanks for this fantastic framework, and I hope to use it for more games in the future!


Do I need the original asset pack, or is this like a bundle? I just want to make sure I don't buy multiple copies of the same assets. Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

Hi there! I just bought this pack, and it didn't come with any first person weapons like the one in the thumbnail.