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insane!! Can’t wait for the next installment. Love the experimental and abstract methods of illustration. I would recommend paying for the “extra bits” - very informative

I read shattered spear many months ago and came back to see if this author had published anything else. Immediately, I was hooked on the synopsis for 'Time will devour his children'!

Expert storytelling and incredible illustrations - I can't wait for the continuation of this tale.

It would be fantastic to see some of your progress work i.e how you marry storyboarding to your written work. This book is so beautifully crafted.

Always love your work! Very inspiring 


also this is fantastic! love your illustration work so much

please can you add my most recent zine to the EZM collection! ive been trying to find a way to contact you for months!

@alienmelon can you upload my newest zine to your EZM collection please? it is here: 

so raw. you've waited so long for this surgery so youre gonna fucking rock it. give us another update when you do  

yes ive noticed this too - have to use google chrome for everyhting. also cant figure out how to change the template to 16 pages rather than 8!! do we do that by inspecting element???

fantastic game - love the graphics so much, reminds me of when I used to endlessly play browser games as a kid

yes very true! 

Whilst using platforms like insta/FB definitely are great free tools for activists, they are definitely not free from capitalist systems for sure. Someone can and will profit from them.

Living in a capitalist society is definitely hard to navigate because most things inevitably come down to money and profit, even amongst good causes. Currently, we can only do our best to choose the least environmentally or socially devastating lifestyle I think

I used the Electric Zine Maker by AlienMelon - check it out and make your own!

thoroughly enjoyed this zine - was listening to ruby haunt as I read and it fit so well


This made me laugh - hope you managed to convert ur gf to birkensocks

happy pride month!