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Not sure if it was a deliberate decision but the game closes when you die. Which is really often when I play lol

No worries

Woah letting you play it scares the crap out of me hahah  I will try and get something ready for you to try though in the next few days. Would actually really love your feedback!!

Thanks for making rad games!

This game kept surprising me , good job !

The OST alone is the worth the price of admission <3

Cheers mate! I hope it turns out at least half as good as I imagine hehe

 I like that there is no limit to how many boys you can spawn. Didn't finish it because my RSI is bad today but what I played was fun

Can the Pirates actually be killed with the default weapon? Had fun exploring!

I'm really enjoying my time with this game! I was streaming it to my HUGE audience of 2 people a couple of days ago.

I should of used the godmode cheat on my stream. I enjoyed this even though it kicked my butt!