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Hey I really enjoy using this (game? software? virtual space?) its nice to leave things behind for other to find, and to uncover what others have written, without a date or name attached. Its like that feeling you get when you're little and suddenly realise you can make a time capsule and leave it in your attic, or write a letter to your future self. I was wondering though, is it there a database where all the messages are stored? It would be cool to see them all together in one place, to be able to key-search words and see what common themes pop up in people's writing etc.  

This game is  really lovely! but is there an ending or am I being stupid? After I had collected the items for the pups and brought the flowers to the grave I spent about five mins wandering around to see if anything had changed. I noticed the flowers by the worms house and the ones by the waterfall, but after that it didn't seem like there was anything else I could do.....if that's the ending then thats ok, I love the game either way, I just don't wanna miss out if there's more content to enjoy!