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Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you!

Loved it

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good work! great game

absolutely love it! it could use a lot of work but i hope you keep developing this into a full game as i will definitely buy it.

fun but maybe add a lower difficulty that is a little more forgiving for newer players

very cool shaders and particle systems

frickin love it :)

how do i get that drone thing i keep seeing

uhhh that was pretty weird. i was confused on what to do the whole time

wow. absolutly amazing. i had so much fun playing this game. i have no real complaints! i cant wait for this game to come out

this was a very fun game however i had to take my headphones off lol. i like the feel of the gameplay, it reminds me a lot of quake. the open world level design is also very cool. but there is one problem that is hard to put to words, polish. i cant really describe it but a lot of things just feel thrown together. for example the face being poorly cropped, or there not being a melee. however, once you polish the game up it will be fantastic

Art sytle is very cool. the movement and aiming though feel a little too smooth for me.

Ok thank you for your suggestion I'll work on that, I have heard that from a couple friends as well. Im a programmer not a musician haha

not a bad game at all. i would really love a version in english so i can understand whats going on.

this is a pretty solid game, did not expect that ending lol. its a little hard to differentiate the background and the foreground though, other than that, good job!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

I am absolutely in love with this movement, Idk if you made it yourself, but it is very fun to strafe hop and slide around. there aren't many call of duty esque  games out there with this fast of movement. I have only played the game for about an hour so the first impressions are good, flashbangs might be a little op though. my only complaint so far is the maps, although they are decently well designed for the amount of movement you have, they don't look good. however im fairly certain you are working on that. keep up the good work

this is a pretty cool game with lots of potential, however, the enemies are a little to strong for the first level but a cool art style and pretty neat non-linear gameplay. I am a big fan of non-linear shooters, so keep coming out with more levels! 

however I do have a few small complaints, the first room was a little confusing on what to shoot, this could be solved by the shootable object to stand out a little more, this could be achieved by lighting or a glowing animation. the voice at the beginning, in English at least, was hard to understand.

otherwise a pretty solid game! keep up the good work!