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the police were nearly involved cos i was screaming so loud my neighbour thought i was being murdered lmao. good job this one absolutely terrified me 

i really liked the concept for this game. super spooky

this was one of the first horror games i ever watched, and it made me want to make content for it. thank you for this amazing little game. first game in this video

i lol'd

pretty spooky. took a lil long to get to the lighthouse tho i thought my game had glitched out lol. second game in this video 

you did really well with this one. absolutely loved it. first game in the vid 

awesome game, loved the vibes. second game in the vid <3 

definitely one of the funner horror games i've played. super unique and my viewers loved it 

i really really enjoyed this one. great job on this one <3 

i played this game over a year ago now, and out of all the indie horrors i have played since then (which have been dozens and dozens), this one stands out as one of the most unique, scary and memorable. amazing job you guys!!

found you guys through dashie, had to play it myself!! 

These jumpscares were bloody unreal 

originally watched Dashie play this and had to play it myself. pooped myself!! 

Super fkn spooky. Great game <3 (first game in the video)

This game was awesome. Cool graphics, scary vibes. Played until I got all 3 endings. Hope to play more of your games soon :) 

I loved (and hated) every second of this experienced. Pooped myself the whole time. You guys are awesome <3