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This has happened with a few of my games that are published here. Basically it just doesn't want to read game input when it's already in use with the webpage. I even ran into a similar issue with other browser games on this website, yet it's rare. Sorry if you're unable to test out the game, but I appreciate you for trying.:)

 If you're still interested in playing the demo, all I have left to say is as the game loads, just click on the game's window and/or enter in fullscreen during loading and mash the XCV keys or arrow keys to in a way "wake up" the input. Other than that, that's all the advice I know of :(  Hope you have a good day:)

Oh that. Sorry for some reason that’s common on my html games. Simply reload the page or manually exit and come back. That should fix the lock. As a reminder, the keys you should be using are XCV and arrow Keys. To continue from the title screen, you need to click on the pink available island. Let me know if the reload worked :)

I’m sorry you ran into a softlock :(. Can you be more specific with this soft lock? How did you ran into it? I’ll have to look into it myself in order to find a fix for it. Anyway thanks for letting me know in advance, this is just a test demo, so bugs are to be expected. :) 

I love this take on defense and survival! The sprite animations are cute and highly well done.  The fact that you can still get hit by your own line of defense adds a new layer of strategy as you need to position yourself and move to your shooters' blind spots, and some can even home in on you! Its so cool! Overall love your game and everything about it, I had a blast playing it! 

Thanks for trying out the demo as well as for the compliment, it means a lot :)

If by “move” you mean the player, yeah sometimes the game does that upon loading where the keyboard buttons don’t respond at first try. Either that or it’s an issue when you open up the game on the site, but I’ll still look into it on my end. For a simple fix simply Reload the page or exit and renter the page manually, and upon loading up the game, press some keys to kind of wake it up, it should do the trick ;)

If by “move” you mean the ship, the ship doesn’t move at the moment, she’s pretty tired and needs her rest :(

Thank you for trying out my demo. Yeah, I guess I should have made the play button be a single press instead of a double press. As for the game, I really appreciate the compliment :)

ok, this is flipping cool! Love the puzzle mechanic and how everything looks pixelly but highly detailed! You did a fantastic job!


How do you play the game?

Ok. The climb ability has been added. 

Construct is a tad easier to understand. Maybe try the free version to get a nice feel of the program. The full version is 100 a year, while that's a bit pricey, it surely is a more simpler way to create fun games!

Yo this is a cool game! like the 3-D theme and pumpkin patch vibe...

Unity is great for building  games via code, but Construct  3 is more / mostly block code, simply drag and drop events that can perform actions to build simple to complex  games.. While the software doesn't use much code, (except where you need to add certain variables) it is quite simple to get a knack for it. However both programs are equality fine, but I'm not used to coding as well as block code. Either way, it doesn't matter if the method of making games is complex, what matters is if you can make a game worth playing... 

Well after re-checking, I might be able to insert the climb ability. You'll only be able to climb up, and you won't be able to jump out of it, but maybe in the future when I buy the full version, I could add more work to the climb and AI...

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Tree climbing would be  fun addition, at least if its just for fun and simple platforming. Sadly, I can only put so much block coding in before I reach my limit. I'm working with a free version of Construct 3, so my choices to add stuff are indeed limited :'(

Edit: Sorry, It has been a while since I last updated this game. Just checked the space, and I might be able to implement the climb...

Lovely concept! I was confused as to what was going on with the apple until I found out it was following me. A decent level overall!

Well anything evolving colors are strict as this game was submitted to a game jam with a limiting color palette, so I must follow rules. As of now, I'm running on the Free Edition of the game engine, and so I can only add so much code before I run out of space. So once I get the full version, I'll be more than glad to add some extra challenges, maybe throw in some more squirrel types (that follow the color palette) and of course, more nut variations that reward more points...;) Thanks for the feedback!

I can't alter much with the color palette as there's a limit.

The music is frantic since squirrels love to move about. Not all Autumns are quiet and calm, some are a survival of the fastest. 

I could fix the music stop, it does get a little annoying... Thanks...

You control a squirrel. Controls are Arrow Keys. Your are the squirrel that's a different color.

Thanks! It ain't easy being a squirrel in the Autumn... :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

So I made a squirrel game. Simple enough, just watch them collect nuts in the Autumn for food. Guess what? You can collect nuts too! It's every squirrel for itself...

I mean if you update the game in the future, you can always publish the new version now that the jam is over... I do love to see your future projects! 

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Like the unsettling vibe from the mini-story, and I love the style of the sprites, they were drawn great. A good game for what it is... :)

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I understand what you mean about the jumps. Apparently is due to the pollens still running in the background as they fall off the map, wasting memory, as in I forgot to tell the game to destroy the pollen when they exit the layout. That's my bad on that part and I'm happy to let you know that I'm fixing it plus balancing the fuel usage :) Thanks for the feedback! Also while the crystals don't fill up the gauge as fast, they do fill up a tiny bit, is more for keeping the gauge from reaching to zero as quick, once again I'm balancing it... 

Thanks. I'm currently adding some balance in how much you earn per pollen. Plus a new pollen variation you can collect if you keep going, to help you reach 1,000,000, which in the game's term is the "ending"...

This is art!!! Thank you for spawning this masterpiece...