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Thank you! We want to explore working together in the future with perhaps a museum somewhere to create more content and make it work in a physical exposition.
Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Glad you like the direction. It's far from a nice game loop but the ingredients are there if you squint your eyes :P.

Thanks :D!

Thank you ! I will probably do some small patching this week for stuff we had ready but couldn't commit in the build because of small issues. Our level designer was recovering from Corona but he did make some awesome layouts that will probably be in the future patch as well :D. (and the additional characters that were pretty much ready but needed some implementation work).
Thank you for playing!

Not at all what I was expecting! I really liked it. I kept feeling there is more!? Awesome job what you managed to do in such a short time. I really got invested in the story and the small puzzles were great. I also like the interpretation of the theme!

I had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out what I had to do. I do like the core of it. The audio is really nice in setting the atmosphere as well. I tried to move when the chanting stopped but found out you had to wait until he closed his eyes instead. All in all pretty neat idea!

I really like the dragon and the movement of the dragon. It has room for unit spawning and continuous gameplay where you can beat your own high score. The theme didn't come out as much as other games but I didn't mind that at all. All in all great effort for 48 hours!

Thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Played it around 5 times. My highest bounty score was: 1050. I'll probably try again this week to improve the score.

Fairy Lost (Performance Patch) is what is in my downloads folder.

At first, I couldn't figure out what to do but I eventually figured it out. I love how it's out of the ordinary (those are my favorite game jam games!).

Looks amazing! Well done! I couldn't get the dialogue to trigger for some reason. I flew around a bit and watched the video you uploaded.

I went to check behind the chair in the corner and it popped me out.

Thank you!

Oh and I did end up falling out of the level before I found the dog :(

I found myself somewhere in between loving and hating it. Which is good... I think...

Good job!

It popped up as a JavaScript issue I believe. I can probably check it again. 

Love the atmosphere and the slower tempo of the game! Awesome work.

Nice mechanic! That rich guy looks familiar could it be Mr poopy butthole with a beard?

I assume level 9 is the last level?

Could also work great as a mobile game!

Cool mechanics! Has a lot of potential for interesting puzzles. I saw some interesting stuff in sandbox that could make into all kinds of levels.

I did get an error which made playing a bit laggy or hard but I could see through that and the concept is interesting!

I have tried it multiple times and really really want to like it! But I can't really play it. It seems to crash or stop. I can't click Endless mode either. I really love the concept and it looked great on stream!

I would love to play (more?)!

Thanks! We had 2 more rooms ready but didn't get to add them during the weekend. I'll probably add them after the voting ends.
Looking up a painting is perfectly fine and can be part of the process.

I also like the idea of changing the song for each painting. Who knows in the future...

Thanks again for playing!

I'll give that a test!

Cool art and sweet soundtrack!

Great atmosphere! Didn't see any other people, but hey I was going outside while the curfew was in effect. 

I like the idea a lot! I'm curious how it feels with other players.

I like the concept. Played it a couple of times. Pity I got sniped by the spikes each time. Could use a bit more adjusting the speed so you can avoid them or the spikes going a bit slower. I think it could be a lot of fun when tweaked!

Still good job for one weekend!

Enjoyable game! I finished the day but like the comments mention, it is a bit long. I do like the idea you mentioned about tags and such. Still a very cool result from a weekend work!

I really like the soundtrack. Feels very inspired by the final countdown.

Thank you!


That's fine we didn't think it would be for everyone. I will add a hint system. The fact that you can see that it's not your cup of tea makes me think the concept/idea came across, which is nice for a weekend's work!

Thanks for playing and giving it a try! 

Awesome layered music! Also, love the style.

Great job!

Fun idea! The whole Ikea maze is a fun interpretation of the theme.

That's immediately what I thought!


I woke up the day after the jam with the song in my head :')

ThanksThomas, and thank you for hosting and organising the event!

Thanks a bunch!

A majestic game! Great work guys!

Thank you very much!
Your review pretty much sums up our expectations we had on Friday :').
We just did some hotfixes and are exporting those now.

-The tutorial room
-Being able to finish the puzzles/paintings and finish the game
-The credits gallery with paintings of us the makers

Thanks Jorim, we are currently hotfixing the ending and the tutorial.

Your game also looked super interesting on the stream, I'll surely check that out tomorrow!