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Emulation will probably be pretty slow since this runs in 60fps, but it's an interesting idea when the game 100% finished.

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v0.5 More music and sound effects. Subtle mechanical tweaks.
v0.31 Slight tweak to the spring bounce cancel mechanic
v0.3: Fifth screen has been rebalanced slightly.
v0.2: Tweaks a hitbox to make two screens slightly more forgiving.

Thank you! Well played indeed! I fear few players make it that far. Keep an eye out if you want more, eventually I'll finish the Slow Mole + version!

Thank you for playing! Comments like this make the hard work worth it! The cartridge version will feature a few extras, including one more chip tune track that Linus just finished. And work on the Slow Mole+ version continues, but that won't be finished until possibly some time next year.

Claymation Trailer 2:

Updated Famicom prototype in action. A unique board of our own design.

Great to hear! We're doing a limited release first, based on the Famicom prototype cart, that we designed:

Later this year there's also going to be a release of SlowMole+ with a more advanced cart with some unique hardware features. More info in this thread:

If it's close to the start I can guess on which screen. There might be a hint in the trailer, otherwise you can always check what the speedrunners do

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Thank you! I would be amazing if it can reach players into this sort of game.