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I like it :>

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I'm not sure if I ended the game. I completed the puzzle with the lights, then the door opened, I saw the hanged man and butterflies. Then some text, and "Thanks S." Idk if S stands for Sarah or Suzana, either way, I'm really confused. It was still very good tho.

Is there an alternate ending?

Loved It! Really great writing.

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I think it was good. I had a fun time, but it was kinda easy to avoid killing someone. I noticed that my character was going to random directions, so I just had to figure out the direction he was going and go to the opositte. But it was very fun.
I did find a bug, tho.
For some reason the last pill, located at the bottom of the map took some time for me to get it. I don't know if this is because of the hitbox, but it's likely. I had to pass a couple of times trought the pill until I could... eat it i guess.
I thought the music was great. It made me really anxious. I just missed some SFX.
The grapichs were fine, I specially liked the look on the main's character face when he was having an attack.
I think this idea could be easly expanded into a full game, with various npcs, perphaps even an multplayer mode of some kind.
Anyway, it was short but fun.
One last thing, yI found another bug. I standed in the front of two cars. One on the left, and other on my right. Then, a third car came by and blocked me from going up. Then my character had an attack, and started going up. But he coudn't because of the car. Eventually I re-gained control. But my character was stuck between car 1 and 3. I had to restart the game.

Great work!