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thanks, i literally found it right after i posted this comment XD

where di you find the fish?

You're very much welcome, and yes im Agent J. I honestly cant wait when this game is released. Ive posted my recording on your game on Facebook, as well as Tuber's Amino and will be glad to see that you guys will be chacking outmy video! Hope you enjoy it, even though its got no commentary.

Amazing! I have recorded 4 parts and cant wait to get the next part! The music is beautiful, the story is to captivating and the begining pulld on my heart strings! Combat is interesting for turn-base. 10/10 game so far to me.

ah, well i could help in any way

Do you know  when the full game will be released, or a rough estimate to put in my game description?

Will definantly be recording this for my youtube channel!!

Kazumichi's Youtube Channel