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very good journey. need a sequel where the goose returns! 

i hate when the bill collectors enter my bedroom.

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Night Guard was fantastic and this is a damn fine demo showing how good this dev’s future games are going to be. super hyped for the future of Cubyte!


i peed on the seat

i want to solved plenty more CYBERKRIMES! loved this.

i took the easy way out and jumped off the cliff after being chased. cool game dude!

the premise of this game is super sick and i had a lot of fun with it. i'd definitely play a sequel to this! 😎

super fun experience with some damn fine spoopy visuals and an "oh shid" ending. the attention to detail is awesome.

i don't know what i just witnessed but i know i did love it. good job, fun game!

nice! i will definitely be revisiting this for sure!

it's iconic

very interesting game, was very much digging the story but i didn't finish it because once the chase sequence started i couldn't move the character and died, being sent all the way to the beginning of the game again.

Grandpa's Car Keys house 

animal crossing horror vibes! insanely well made. can't wait to see more!

finding the hidden Firefly button has been my crowning achievement. i think i can die happy now. thank you.

harsh noise in video game form. i'm about it.

god i love candy.

this game hurt my head in the best way. awesome job!

Mrs. Paula is a damn dirty snitch.

absolute surreal trip of a game. i can't wait to see more from you!

cumin spice

i got the good ending and went to bed. solid game!

this game brought me out of my coma

COOKIES has been one of the finest indie experiences i've had this year. such a crazy sleaze-fueled adventure with 10 endings to find and plenty of humor and thought put into everything between the beginning and end of this masterpiece. can't wait to see more!

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aaron, whatever knocking sound effect you used mixed with the fact that you used a sound effect that was my exact doorbell made me frantically get up to answer my door (which is always scary enough, right?) and i missed the jumpscare! so of course i had to replay it! hahaha. good going dude!

adorable game!

holy HELL, i need more games like this in my life.
The songs bump so hard and i had such a fun time streaming this. keep up the awesome work! hope to see more soon!