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i won i think

this game was horrifying in the best way.
if i could make a suggestion: a jetpack would be siiick to use in a game like this!

Call the cops : r/terriblefacebookmemes

that wasn’t sarcasm ya jerk, make more games

some nice balls in this game

it's beautiful. i bet it can shred like Les Claypool.

that show is good

i wept at this somber journey

(1 edit)

:( but in a good way

this is like a story straight out of the bible.

link your band yeee

goddamn you make some amazing games. i had to stop to remind myself to breathe more than once playing through this.
great job on visuals, audio, story and everything in between. one of the best itch games i've experienced.

video gaming.

an innocent adventure starring Rock, Paper, and Scissor!

davey's the homie

i didn't mind my own business oh no

top tier platforming

after playing the demo in the Spectral Mall last night i am highly highly anticipating this game. horrifically goofy and mysterious premise with a great art style among so many other great things going on here.

cannot wait to see more!

bafflingly silly, i loved every second of the first game and this is off to a great start.
all of the endings i've found so far have been super entertaining. can't wait to see more!

this game felt very good to play and had some really cool scares that genuinely got me. really good stuff!

weird is good.

perfect trash!

i wonder if the Poop Killer will ever go to space...

he came in and he was maffed up.

he's stuck in the floor

where will the Poop Killer strike next?
i can't wait to find out.

this was a super cool experience.
this is probably what the la beast feels like.


he got me

capybara family noooo ):

The Trilogy of Shit is beautiful. Will there be more? God, I hope so.

excited to see what you do next! this game was genuinely horrifying. 

i invoke the power of marijuana!
the world definitely needs more games like this. please keep 'em coming!

bubonic plague +1 speedrun.

very interesting game, can't wait to see more!


had to come back to this comments sections because i revisited a few endings in Cookies the other night and i'm still stunned by how much i love the wildness of this game.

can't wait to see what you'll make next!

they finally did it

they went too far

hey city council members: get fucked

it smelled like almonds.