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rich people are always the bad guys.


very entertaining game. super suspenseful. can't wait to see what's next!

why the long face?

super bizarre in the best of ways. 

holy FUCK it's raining pigs!
that was the happiest ending in video game history and i am jealous of Matthew's fate. incredible game. 

this game is super super fun and would make for hours and hours of hilarity.

imagine this online with friends... 

very pretty game with awesome scares and really cool unique mechanics. very fun short experience- the best kind!

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trash is my life. filth are my politics.

aw they took my freakin' kidney.

this is more beautiful than it should be. hell yes.

ooooh man. this game was intriguing from the start and only spiraled into an emotionally perplexing story that didn't have to be any more or less than what it was.

one of the best itch games on here. cannot wait to see more projects!

i'd last 5 minutes on the jouch too.
fell in love immediately with this game and it's amazingly goofy concept. huge Death Flush vibes (@Imposter Syndrome wishing y'all the best!)

absolutely killed it with the music, atmosphere, gameplay, AND the frights with this game. never played anything like it.
must play for sure.

divine flesh.

i pressed C irl

aw yeeeah this one too. awesome visuals. such good stuff.

this kind of atmosphere is everything i love about analog horror. very sick experience. can't wait to see more!

oh god i can sit here for hours. thank you.

i love stamp


suuuuper fun. would LOVE to see more!

chris pratt

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ronald gave me a beating.

super entertaining.

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good game

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tryna bag some randies on halo and these mfs won't stop makin' noise.

i thought it was interesting. very good sound design.

super excited to see more from this!






this game is a perfect example of my favorite kind of indie horror. original, short and sweet with a clever and unnerving story. 
can't wait for more games!

there was a donkey over that fence. nice.

mans was struggling in that bathroom when all hell breaks loose.

definitely delivered some solid scares- can't wait to see what's next!


can't wait to see more of our hero, Juglio.

this is wacky and fun as all hell. 

i appreciate your games Zeekerss
very good

very good sequel

bye bye regan 

that's a lot of bees

i won i think

this game was horrifying in the best way.
if i could make a suggestion: a jetpack would be siiick to use in a game like this!