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Amazing game! I think I properly explained the plot. Very interesting stuff!  

Really fun to experience something different. The lore was spread out well and the different stages were great! Great job, looking out for the full release of the game. 

A little janky, but I had fun! Nice to see something different! 

Interesting Lore placed around and glad to have a good monster. Great stuff! 

Loved it. Looking forward to seeing similar pieces of work. 

Amazing game, so glad I was stumbled upon this game! I can't wait for the full release, definitively will be amazing when it comes out! 

Certainly an interesting game, can't wait for more!

Fun as always Matt! It was fun and looking for future updates of the game. Scary stuff not going to lie, with amazing atmosphere as usual! 

Please is the second game! I think I solved the story about the slugs and the war. Very interested in playing even more!

I love this game and it being an RPGMaker game. Nice references and definitely looking out for the final product. 

Thank you Adam for reaching out and providing a key for this phenomenal experience. Immersive and really touched on me a emotional level. A few bug issues here and there, but I overcame them all. This is the full demo and I can't wait to see what you do in future with this amazing project!   

Start of video. Game spooked me a good number of times, just experienced the sad but progressive game breaking bug. I'll stick around to see future updates. 

21:06. Had a lot of fun, recommend for some good interesting atmosphere.  

18:37. Tried it enjoyed and definitely continuing later down the line. 

32:38. Amazing atmospheric game yet again by good old Matt Reeves. 

Really fun stuff! Looking forward to more in the future!

Honestly had such a good time playing the demo! Really intrigued to see how John progresses as a character. Definitely supporting the kickstarter to see the progression of the story! 

Had so much fun playing through it. Short and Sweet. 

From what i played, i'm impressed on a whole new level. Amazing demo that even forty minutes in was some of the best content i've played. Props for creating a solid demo!


Puppet Combo games are causing health issues, but it was a hell of a time.