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Really loved it from the five different specimens and subtle surreal horror birthed from it. Looking forward to more in the future!  

Short and sweet! The monster design is really good, props! Can't wait to see more in the future! 

Short and sweet. Sleep paralysis seems deadly. And if demons appear, fuck. 

Really enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see more from Aza Game Studio! 

So i... killed Santa. 

Really enjoyed the premise and game! Looking out for more projects in future! 

Can't wait to see future updates! 

I enjoyed the concept twist of the P.T-esc. Few bugs here and there but other than that, I really enjoyed my twenty minutes with the game. Though that ending was... interesting. 

Interesting ending and the twist of the camera. Can't wait for more from the dev team. 

Short interesting game, gave my criticisms in the video. Looking forward to play the next one! 

Pretty cool, awaiting for the next three instalments!

I achieved Ending 1 and I am proud to be playing Faith 3! Amazing stuff every single time I play FAITH. I can that this chapter will be the best one in the franchise! 

I was interested in the demo and looking forward to future developments. 

Short little horror that I enjoyed playing and recording! Looking forward to more in future! 

Amazing as usual! Every game, every time is a solid experience. Outstanding 10 days of work mate! Looking forward to future developments of your upcoming projects! 

Solid experience. The visuals are interesting and i'm excited for future games. 

Solid experience overall and I'm prepared for chapter two. 

I also resolved the game breaking glitch at the very end. 

Pretty fun! Can't wait for more!

Had good jumpscares and I enjoyed the puzzle. Enjoyed myself! However that ending... really wanted to see more!  

Looking forward to new updates to play more!

Enjoyed the puzzles and enjoyed myself... however I sadly experienced a fatal bug with the damn child! I think the game is stepping in the right direction just the kinks need to be cleared! Enjoyed all the same!  

Really Fun! That ending was refreshing! really needed this kind of horror GAME! 

Very intrigued with the premise! It's a good change of pace. Good job Devs! 

Short but sweet! Completed in full and i'll be waiting for your next projects! 

Really enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see more in the future. 

Great game! Worth the play and great symbolism! 

Had a lot of fun and is really interesting resurrection of the Slender franchise. Can't wait until multiplayer and the areas become updated in future! 

I enjoyed this horror game! Something refreshing and that ending was different from the norm. 

It was pretty fun. Puzzles and item descriptions were odd, to say the least. 

Very interesting and fun, though there was a few moments in confusion on the actual mechanics. Still, a great play! And intriguing lore and ending.

Amazing game! I think I properly explained the plot. Very interesting stuff!  

Really fun to experience something different. The lore was spread out well and the different stages were great! Great job, looking out for the full release of the game. 

A little janky, but I had fun! Nice to see something different! 

Interesting Lore placed around and glad to have a good monster. Great stuff! 

Loved it. Looking forward to seeing similar pieces of work. 

Amazing game, so glad I was stumbled upon this game! I can't wait for the full release, definitively will be amazing when it comes out! 

Certainly an interesting game, can't wait for more!

Fun as always Matt! It was fun and looking for future updates of the game. Scary stuff not going to lie, with amazing atmosphere as usual! 

Please is the second game! I think I solved the story about the slugs and the war. Very interested in playing even more!