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Loved it!!!!! It was interesting to play from start to finish. I'll be on the lookout for more games in the future. 

Excited to play the full release, hopefully soon in the future!!!! 

Loved it! I can't await to play more dev! 

2020 became just a little bit better after playing this gem! 

Really good short horror! 

Both episodes were very good and enjoyable. I'll be awaiting for the third episode. 

I enjoyed the game! It was interesting to play if not entirely original. But I will definitely be on the lookout for more games on the horizon. 

Enjoyed it a lot! I didn't expect it to be a Slender like, but this game stood on it's two feet with the setting. I'll be looking out for more in the future! 

I enjoyed it a lot! I'll be looking out for more games from you in the horizon. 

Love it! I caused a bug, but it was an amazing play all the same. Waiting in anticipation for the games full release! 

Fun game! I had fun playing it! Keen to see more. 

Short and sweet. 

I really enjoyed finishing Night 1 and dealing with the 'Shadow'. Can't wait to see more on future nights! 

Loved the PS1 aesthetic. It was short but sweet. 

Can't wait to see for what was teased! I'll definitely will be keeping up with future games!! 

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If there's ever a full version, I'd be happy to play it. Great atmosphere by the way!

Short and sweet! Love it. 

Really enjoyed the game and I hope to see more from what's teased ahead! 

Gem of a game! The ending was sort of refreshing! 

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An amazing demo that goes far and beyond than most horror games in tension and atmosphere. Can't wait to see more in the future from the dev. 

Really loved it from the five different specimens and subtle surreal horror birthed from it. Looking forward to more in the future!  

Short and sweet! The monster design is really good, props! Can't wait to see more in the future! 

Short and sweet. Sleep paralysis seems deadly. And if demons appear, fuck. 

Really enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see more from Aza Game Studio! 

So i... killed Santa. 

Really enjoyed the premise and game! Looking out for more projects in future! 

Can't wait to see future updates! 

I enjoyed the concept twist of the P.T-esc. Few bugs here and there but other than that, I really enjoyed my twenty minutes with the game. Though that ending was... interesting. 

Interesting ending and the twist of the camera. Can't wait for more from the dev team. 

Short interesting game, gave my criticisms in the video. Looking forward to play the next one! 

Pretty cool, awaiting for the next three instalments!

I achieved Ending 1 and I am proud to be playing Faith 3! Amazing stuff every single time I play FAITH. I can that this chapter will be the best one in the franchise! 

I was interested in the demo and looking forward to future developments. 

Short little horror that I enjoyed playing and recording! Looking forward to more in future! 

Amazing as usual! Every game, every time is a solid experience. Outstanding 10 days of work mate! Looking forward to future developments of your upcoming projects! 

Solid experience. The visuals are interesting and i'm excited for future games. 

Solid experience overall and I'm prepared for chapter two. 

I also resolved the game breaking glitch at the very end. 

Pretty fun! Can't wait for more!