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love the guy in the tube hes like a little hermit crab

nvm figured it out 

what is the nastiest drink?

just like in ace attorney

oh my god theyre the god of arepo

!!!! so excited for this game!! downloaded the first demo way back n loved it ever since. congrats on finishing it!!!!

I don't really understand it but it is so beautiful, and man. Did it make me cry

Edwynn part made me cry ngl

Downloaded the demo for win 10, but it doesn't start up? don't know if i've done anything wrong :((

oh yea this has a wonderful aesthetic.  Loved your other works btw!!

This is so cool!!! It's really obvious you really care about this game! I always though the artstyle was pretty, and the color palette fit the tone of the game very well, and it's incredible to see you keep improving it. I don't know a lot about game mechanics, but everything you said sounds nice, and you put a lot of thought into it. Really excited to see how it turns out!!

i downloaded the demo a really long time ago, and i havent been on this site for a while, so it's really nice to hear that the game is still going on!! the demo was great btw, so im sure the final game will be even better

Horrifying but nice

The art is amazing in this game. Love the details. Love the aesthetic. Love the Husk

Thank you so much for this game. I cried