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"I would never hurt the moon so I didn't implement this" you are valid

pube hair gang unite

thats a lotta content, make sure youre takin care of yourself, bro

i know its pathetic but this game (well more like the first one but the lizard shit in this one is gr8) helps with my dysphoria cause i can just be whatever the fuck and nobody questions it. im a they, bitch. anyways i changed my hair colour in the creation menu and it messed up my tail colour so idk what happened there!! i cant wait to see the extra bits (again, i am pathetic wow)

leave canada alone it's not our fault we're boring

also this is a good vn, excited for the one that was kickstarted lol

lol idk i'm throwing stuff into adventure game studio and seeing what sticks :'0

I love this game so much, oh my gosh. Everybody is so cute and the art and humour are superb and I wanna smooch every single dino in this game! Mikey and Persephone are my favourites! The music gives me good vibes, I dunno why. There's an issue with dialogue choices being too long for the text box and there's some weird typos, but those are the only flaws I've seen so far. I personally am gonna exhaust this game to its very limits until I'm dino-sore because I love it so much. Yes, that's a bad pun. I love this game...