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mobile coming eventually! bikinis! beaches!! let's goooooo!!!!

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game froze in browser version during portal-stuck blue-dildo fuck scene. oh well. really fun game, collecting a bunch of outfits is fun! (i only got i think maybe 4? underwear, adventure, asian, and witch) but yeah definitely looking forward to more if you ever make more, sarakatka!! ^w^


haven't been able to play on mac or android for quite a few updates, wonder if this one will fix it

finally some god damn bee pussy <3

that would be great! :0

hell yeah Fates and Awakening!

eyyyy we're due for a new update soon!! get hyped!

or i would if the mac version worked. rip. hope it gets updated and works cos this game looks awesome :<


nice! can't wait to see it! ^w^ i'm just excited for more Power content (whenever that comes) hehe~

will saves be able to transfer over or will we have to start over with 0.4?

hopefully there are plans for mac/android/or browser because this game looks amazing ;w;

will you ever add trans options? i'm a transgirl and i really have to choose between being called "he" or having a "cunt". i'm a girl with a dick!! >~<

otherwise, i've loved this game for so long and will continue to do so c:

as someone who's worked fast food and food service, it's so fitting

(no spoilers but so far i've only gotten the bad ending but im sure if i practice i could get the good ending heheh)

i can't believe it. i've played this game a couple times, once within the last month, and now there's an update!? :0 i'm so lucky! can't wait to try out the new tasks!

doing god's work i see uwu well done!

im a simple woman, i see pretty ladies, i like the post <3 keep up the good work, yall <333

ooh this looks really cool!! i love how a character can be customized with their choices so this game sounds right up my alley! plus attractive girls so <3 well done DTSDevs!

oh god i love this game so much!! any plans on an android ver? >~<

ahhhh it looks super exciting!! can't wait to see more!!! <3

i'll give it a shot! thanks!! <3

i have 1.6 on my android and it won't install 1.7 TT^TT rippp. sounds like it'll be fun tho! thanks for putting in the work!! <3

i see it's got that friendsim style going on ;) looks really good! might have to check it out!! <3

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i just wanna fuck the ashnikko lookin character (blue hair)

is she in the current version? <3

god this looks BEAUTIFUL <3 (and inclusive as all hell!!)

can't wait til it's on android (or at least low spec windows haha)

this is fucking amazing <3 hope to see you do some android ports in the future!! you really made Chisa beautiful and sexy and adorable <333

transgirls are girls too, fam.

awesome! thanks for letting me know!! <3

android ver when?? this looks so fun and well-made, im so excited to try it out!!! <3

if i download the updated version, will my save transfer on android?

would love that! your game is super cute, love the art and the animations (even just the walking is cool!!)

hell yeah!!

same here please!! <3 love seeing more transgirl representation, in one way or another, if mostly just for myself hehe

eh, either way i'd definitely want to get it. i must've been confused because i spent a few dollars on it willingly. i'm glad to support VE tho!

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will the android download be free for anyone who paid for snowbound blood pc ver?

pre-op (possibly indefinitely who knows) transgirl here! i really, really love this! this is so beautifully written and i can really feel the love your work brings across <3 we all need more representation and i really appreciate it

excited to try this out! i love Homestuck! thanks for working so hard on this, carl!!


very cute and sexy so far! definitely interested in the oversexed edition and might have to save up for patreon ;)

ohhh ill have to look into it! Thanks!!

im on the browser version rn just fyi if that makes a difference?