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A simple game and a bit of fun. I especially liked your use of the faces. The biggest feedback I have is making the paths loop around in some fashion could make the choices feel more interesting. If order matters there's so many more possibilities, but for the amount time provided for this I think your choice was reasonable and demonstrated plenty of potential for this future update. Good work!

I think the concept here is good and you can definitely see the potential for future iteration. The main thing I struggled with while playing was the fact the balls spawned at such an enormous range. For example a ball might spawn looking up then a ball looking down all the meanwhile being in any of 360 degrees. That's a lot of spinning and pitching! Tweaking the ranges would help a lot I think, along with spawn timing. Other than that I think it's a clever use of the asset pack. Nice job!

I love this. The cracking is nice but perhaps there could be more juice added to it? I smashed my mouse pad to crack a million eggs. The brain is fun surprise and I like the use of dictionary for the names. The baby crying is on point too. All you really need here is that little bit more of juice to make it truly shine as the game of century. Amazing work!! <3

Nice use of sounds although I'm not sure where I am. Are you supposed to be on some kind of seesaw? Maybe that could be made more clear. The background and ground look good together. Interesting movement, feels slightly slippery. Nice job.

I'm not all that sure what going on here but I enjoyed the responses when I clicked the buttons and I liked watching the character change his appearance overtime. All this happens in 1 year? I want to spend more time with him lol. You did a nice job with the art animation here, that was the most pleasing thing for me. Maybe the dialogue stays up a bit long? Either way, nice work.

This game is a lot lol. The music and the art are great. I'm just not all that sure about the systems. It wasn't super clear to me how things were affecting each other or how much of any given thing I needed to do by when. If that were more clear I think you have created a master piece. Good job!

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This cat stays happy for so long... haha, It's good though. This feels like the perfect little background game I'd play while working on something else. I love the music and the aesthetic here. Very cohesive and nice feeling dragging the objects. I think this is a home run sir! Nice work bud!

I like the art style and the little dog resting animation. It's cute. The resolutions look a bit inconsistent however and I'm not sure if that's intended. The dog is blurry and the tennis ball is oddly high res compared to everything else. Additionally this environment feels particularly claustrophobic. I would greatly appreciate the addition of a window to open it up. Lastly, I really like that lamp with the bend, it really dresses the set for me.

Everything here feels pretty much as expected, but I especially like the particle systems and the interact sound. They feel great. I love spamming a bunch of health the exploding him into them and watching the cascade of smiley faces fly up while listening to the blip sound go crazy. The one thing I don't understand is the background. Why are those lines there? Game. Good.

The sound of the cat jumping is what does it for me. I just want to keep jumping around on everything which is fun. I think a cat simulator is a fun concept in general like goat simulator. If you continue to work on the movement system I think this game has a lot of potential. Good job bud! :)

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My main critique is this just doesn't really give me the sense that I'm a bird at all. It feels like some kind of sky tank? Pitching feels rigid more like an airplane. I would expect bird movement to be very agile. I also really wish there was the ability to roll. That's the quintessential experience that comes to mind with anything flying, doing a nice bank. Besides that, with regard to the goal of snatching hats, in my mind at least I think of an eagle or a hawk, two predators with excellent vision and field of view. If I had the ability to look down and around then I think I would get more of the advanced predator feeling which is very different than being in the cockpit of a jet which this feels more reminiscent of. Lastly if there was slightly more physics like even just an acceleration when you swoop down I think it would add a lot. Right now having one single speed to move at feels quite static. Nonetheless, a good starting point and I love the idea of snatching hats. Nice work!

This game is hell lol. But in a good way. It took a lot of getting used to but eventually the changes in line density became clear to me. I wonder if there's a way to make it a little more friendly though? For instance if the walls were colored or shaded it would be more clear when you are looking through an opening. Maybe that adds an unwanted reference point though. I just think there's gotta be a way to make it pop out a little more when you are looking at walls at a distance. In my mind the line should theoretically stay solid black regardless of look direction if the game were completely accurate. So I think since you are already playing this concept a little more refinement would go a long way. Thank God for human POV otherwise I'd be totally lost without a tutorial lol. This was fun, great work!

I was certainly not expecting this. The twist hit me exactly how I think you intended it to. This is a really excellent take on non-human POV and I think you absolutely nailed playing as the computer. The art style is nice and inviting. I enjoyed how casual the dialogue felt and the tone reminded a bit of portal at the end. The personality in this game is very tangible, like a snapshot in time of you as a creator which is cool to see. Great job!

T does not restart. This is a lie. :(

Hello Jacquelyn,

Your game is so cute! The color soft pallet fits perfectly and the animation and feedback of the hand is really nice. I personally wish it felt a little bit more interactive though. There was a disconnect for me between holding down the space and watching the hand repetitively stroke the bunny. The two interaction just didn't seem line up in my head. I wanted to do more ? Or feel at least more like I was the one doing the petting. I also think your drawings of the bunny are really great and I wanted to see them more in response to changes in the game.  Like "oh no I stopped gaining affection she's falling asleep! I need to be gentler! etc." a little bit more tension and ability to fail ? not sure if that's the feel you want but I think it could potentially add to the draw of the game. The immediate game over screen felt so sudden. In the end it was fun. Great work altogether! 

- Z

hi euris,

I love the art style you have going here! As a simulator I think it captures the repetitive nature of minimum wage jobs quite nicely. I found it relaxing to play. I wonder if the music is the right choice? It's unclear to me what vibe you were actually going for. The music almost makes it feel like an action game, which I don't think it is, but I could be wrong if that's what you were going for.  I think this could work well without the timer or score if that's something you are interested in exploring. The look and feel is able to stand alone I think.  One idea might be to have this be a secondary game to some kind of larger narrative experience. Also the way the score is implemented right now you can just spam caps on the same cup to raise your score. There's a lot to build off of which ever direction you choose. Good job!

- Z

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Hi Drew,

The mechanic works and so does the overall feedback loop. The only thing that is missing is the flavor which is to be expected for a game a this stage. It shows potential and I think that's the most important thing. The only sort of bug I found was if you don't hold space for the full time you can get stuck and have to restart. You're probably already aware of this though. An olympic long jump theme seems to be coming through from the look of the audience and of course the foul line. I'm not sure there is much critic to add past that initial feedback, but I hope this helps you anyway!

- Z

You are probably already aware, but this game is not loading for me.

I like this.

It's not too complicated for a game about atoms. There's definitely something enjoyable about how it feels to move the orbiting electrons. The first couple of level arn't that interesting to me, but the farther you progress the more it ties together into a pleasant experience as a whole. It was fun to be surgical about placement while keeping in mind the timing and ever growing threat of of each proceeding spawn. Often there are two or more incoming projectiles to deal with at once and that can be intense and exciting! The reward for precise movement and heightened awareness is plenty to keep me playing. I love the contrast between high intensity fast paced gameplay and the slow constant speed of the oncoming orb that is the center of the whole show. As each new orbit is gained you are forced to think faster while never losing touch with the slower pace of the inner electrons, what an excellent balance! Visually the simplicity of circles do their job and the audio feedback is really nice touch. I think this game has plenty to offer in it's current state which makes the polished version seem extremely promising to me. I look forward to your future work. Great job!

- Zach

Hi Nick,

Your background sprites are so fun!  Shooting the bikers was quite difficult at first until I got the hang of it. Then it became extremely easy as their movement is quite predictable. It felt like I wasn't moving forward all that much and the trees felt impossible to avoid at times. The trees felt like they were spawning and flying right to me as opposed to moving through a forest. That said the game was still enjoyable and I commend the overall look and feel. 

Dear ronoJOYmitra,

Good work. The animations for the second screen are very cool even though they are different from the original. Not sure if it is a webGL issue or not but the animations stop after a bit for each screen. I think it would be ok if you can't interact with the screens but the fact they are not moving at all makes the sequences feel very long. The movement feels quite fast at the start too. Great Clone! <3 <3 <3


Sorry for playing even though it says not to, but I must say I enjoyed jiggling around in this open space like a jellyfish. Your choice of player sprite is pleasant and the movement, whether it was intended or not, is unique and satisfying. I liked spinning all the way around although by that point it became more difficult to keep track of where I was going. I look forward to when you get everything working.

All the Best.

Hello Enomoto Takaya,

I enjoyed your game. I liked the simple and clean aesthetic. I also have a few things to note from my play through that might help you with future iterations. I didn't immediately notice the UI in the top left and was initially confused when the game didn't end after a collision. Perhaps it could be bigger and there could be some visual feedback to let you know you have collided. Additionally, there is no feedback when you successfully shoot the box. I think the pellet should be destroyed? But maybe shooting right through it is what you want. The narrow level design feels like a smart choice as that's where my gaze primarily stayed aided by the far travelling pellets which helps keep up the illusion of moving long distances at high speed. However, the box often drew my gaze away from this clever level design when it went outside the bounds of level. This is when it became apparent that the box's movement is tied to the button the player is pressing, which cheapened the feeling of hitting it thereafter. I also found a bug. If you hold right or left long enough you will fall out of the map and cannot restart the game. I hope this feedback helps you. This is an interesting take on 3D Death Chase. Keep up the great work! :)


My favorite game ever! Luv! :)