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Is the game gonna include beastiality? Cause the comments seem to be hinting it?

Yeah, this might seem out of place considering this is a NSFW sex slave abusing game, but I think Ray should at least be given some friends and ally, even just 1 insignificant support, the way I see his characterization, he is indeed arrogant, but not a bad or evil person, just a really arrogant, short-tempered and disrespectful prick, who believes strength makes him right, but still not even reaching abusive and cruel, from what I gather his statements on killing monsters in battle are fair since it was a wartime campaign, he didn't seem to use the status as a prince to an advantage to look down on others just his strength which he worked hard on and deserves to be proud and prideful about it, he's not a psycho who likes killing, he's mean but not by much especially if you take his interaction with Nine and a subtle caring side for his brother Ren(and his father) whenever he gets mentioned. The point is at least give him a loyal friend supporter who sees past the bad side of him and focuses on his good traits that a lot of people overlooked cause Nine seems not enough for it, by that I mean putting another perspective on Ray's character, I hope you also give light for his good side, or make Ren have a more active and caring role as family love. Can't help it, I symphathize with game characters, a bit of a softie(yeah, I get it, seems like a contradiction since I play this game). 

Again this seems out of place for a game with this kind of theme, but hey, let's at least please try to balance the brutal abuse with some compassion for Ray. 

Also I totally support the monster x prince ship, even though I hate Stockholm syndrome, but hey, that's what we get. 

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The but-plug idea are great but for the rest of the character interpretation of the prince would just mess up the games story, I mean even if you want that then the whole story would have to be redesigned because there is a glaring inconsistency towards the prince's character it's clear to anyone who played it and actually read and understood the dialogue of the story that he:

*never touched or cheated on a woman

*is actually a virgin(until he met the monster of course) 

*was not evil or abusive, just the really arrogant 

*gets what he wants done with strength but never hurt innocent people, like with Nine for example

So that doesn't seem to fit the story.