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yay someone else uploaded their game im not alone

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this game made me want to go buy doritos

very interesting

na na na na na na na na batman

its a 2018 macbook air with 8gb of ram with  Intel UHD Graphics 617 1536 MB

the mac version seems to have a glitched out background, is that part of the game?

oh yeah, that was uss callister

also thanks

does anyone know the jazz music at the start menu of the game?

if heartstopper were a game

he made a game inside a game inside a game inside a game inside a game inside a gam

arcade elements were fun

short yet sweet

finally finished the boss fight
hard yet a short fun game

how do you play in mac?

what a title

very nice

very fun

beautiful, can't wait for the full version

ok i think i found the problem:
the custom cursor (on mac at least) always appears on the bottom right corner of the mouse, so when i think i'm clicking something, macos thinks that im clicking on the top left of the cursor.

maybe thats the reason i couldnt access my save. sorry for getting you into this.

anyway the game is actually pretty cool

among us

alright, i understand. take your time.

alright. i can access the save/load menu, but i cant seem to click on the save.

can't access saves in mac version (Possible Black Screen Fix (Mac))

theres a macos problem where it says "this game needs to be updated", anyone have a solution?

heres how:
at some point (i dont remember well) serve the adventurer only tangy berry for all three slots

lagging quite a bit here, and may want to read on the go

this gives me fnaf vibes

right click on the app, click "show package contents",  Contents, Resources, autorun. the files should be there

this is literally ddlc 2.0, btw what does the (#) file mean

wait how many endings are there

holy frick this is so good, i cant believe this is just the demo

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i have an error trying to install it using the itch app, any solution?

update: i just realized the game isnt available for mac

update 2: well this aged poorly

i want to see how he made the special effects and text

this is the coolest visual novel i've ever played, might be the next ddlc