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even though it's old still a nice game


thanks creator man


i cant negotiate 

i am officially #9 on the leaderboards 

i like


i want a screaming nazi

this game only for big boys



devs are like dead lol

mars rover did it


i never played this game so jokes on you

not even a day old and i found this

prob got some diseases from that bathroom

get hyped for the update also join the discord below V

jokes on you know ive watched this game so now i dont have to play it to experience it.

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i winged it when i got 75% of they way there and i won with no power left. Took about 5 tries to win it

is good

i clicked on this and read the first sentence. I have many regrets now 

is good doggo

Jesus that was really stressing and i wish this magical rag existed 

do an update th0t

Join the discord or die heathens

i haven't even played it why am i typing this

i wish i had my old computer so i can go back to 5 fps fun

i never experienced crashing or freezing but might just be your computer or something as you need a premium toaster to play it

you still playing waiting?

Doesn't have to be scary on Christmas

Christmas update? Make everything holiday themed?

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Merry early Christmas boys


When are we going to see new multiplayer maps soon?

The tutorial is broken in 1.4 version and the multiplayer breaks when 1 person escapes