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4:18, This thing kinda lag fr


Lv10 speedrun glichless 11.257, anyone faster than me?

That because there's some data inside the character(you can see in character JSON file) can't be edited inside game or effected on character AI. Also some functions support multiple choices(armor pick) and exactly value input(armor tint), so although this export function can be make usable, this will reduce creative and fun.

Tell me what the impossible mode and randomizer mod does? It just crash my game.

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sorry, I made total 101 floors, when I make the 45th floor, the screen start blurs. The game become lagger when I make more floors, excepts these have nothing changed. I try to work in this "Taipei 101" but nothing strange until I try to reconstruct the office, the game crashes. 

Last thing I want to ask: how many floors does financial office have? 30? 50? Or 75?

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It because you without a display card(internal GPU sucks)

I am using GTX 1050Ti and the game used 70% of it, and only used 300MB for RAM and 14% of CPU(i7-7700).

Can I add and modify the function of my own office floor? CGO emailed me that the roof was too close to his floor which make his neck is injured (and the underground floor and Jeff Bezos.)

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Where is shotgun? If the office don't, buy it at a gun shop.

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no photoshop ;( WHY

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suffering, opposite of SUPERHOT but 100x harder

(i want to step lego when i try to pick up gun while moving)