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Thanks for using it. I will look into fixing this in the near future. Hope it was useful otherwise :>

Edit : Fixed in latest version - ItchDevlog bug report - Git commit

Great game, I like the ice cream texture. Don't understand what the falling coloured items are but still got to 430, keep making amazing games!!

sorry about the portal problem, It happens because there is no level to go to, I did not have time to solve this issue.  

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Looks Good, The randomly generated terain is amazing. And with more development could become a great full game. One thing I would change is the minecraft screenshots that are desplayed on the itch page, As I don't think it adds to the page (and minecraft is different to what you have created). But other than that I think its a great consept

Great little Tic Tac Toe Game, the simple visuals help you to focus of the game. It's amazing but I'm afraid I don't see how it fits with the theme : Unexplored World.

Great Game, Amazing visuals and fun game, keep creating these amazing games !!!

Great Game, Minimap looks amazing and is easy to understand. Car models are good and the AI is unbelivable. The only improvement would be to decorate the side "walls" of the track, adding spectators, trees and so on.

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In the leaderboard section of the browser version it should say does not (doesn't) and not don't Other than that can't find any folts to critisize. Great work

Great Game, good music, great idea, I got 14. Menus are good. In the web version when using escape for menu it takes you out of fullscreen instead so you have to click escape 2 times and then go back into full screen. Otherwise great game and the graphics are cool. Well done making this in a short period of time.

Any Bugs please post them as a reply to this comment and I will try to fix them

With music in and the minimap updated your game looks and sounds amazing, you continue to exel at making games. The background of the Itch page is also realy adding to the amazing feel you get when playing your game. One thing though is that for some reason you video is invalid.

glad you like it :)

Looks great, had lots of fun creating a level and trying to beat it! would be nice to edit it in game, but it is amazing what you can creat with a text editor and your game :) Could not get past the first section of mud in the demo level but I am going to keep trying, the music is great but it is a bit repetetive when you here it in your ear for 20min. having the camera follow the player would allow for bigger maps but on the other hand the style of seeing everything whey you go in gives a great feeling of satasfaction. Graphics could use some more work but all in all a fun little prototype that I might come back to and experement with, making maps takes a while but is very rewording.

Did not complete the game, I'm on an old laptop so lag was a huge problem. What I saw looked amazing. Keep working it's looking great :) do not feel the need to do what I have sugested. These are just what I think and your say is final.

Great Idea and executed well. The only thing I would say is that the button on level one to open the door looks like it is somthing to kill you. The player and BG look great and like the pixel art style you have gone for :) All in all a great game.

Great Game, for 3D games it might be good to have a downloadable file to stop some of the lag that you get when playing on the web. Other than that is was an amazing experiance, the 3D pixel art style is hard to master and you have done that. Main menu is easy to understand and use, the font above the starting guy could be more clear (could be my eyesight but the font seemed a bit blury the image below is an example of what I mean).

The gameplay is fun which is the most important part. You could have a little more text on the page though. All in all a great game with a strong concept.

  • Looks Amazing
  • The Minimap is easy to understand and use
  • The Graphics are well done
  • The Minimap could fit in better if it was changed to fit with the dungeon theme you have
  • the Gameplay is fun but can get boring after a while as you try to get all the (orb?) things to the door.

All in all a great game !

Great Game, the level design is amazing, but a level select screen if you get stuck on a level would be nice. The graphics are very simple which is not a bad thing but you could improve there. The game play is easy to understand but almost imposible to solve.

Thanks for the feedback, I will change the music for the next update of the game.

Thanks for the feedback, I think adding particles is a great idea. Smoke 💨 at the back of the submarine will boost the player experience.

Good game, the art is amazing. and works well on a laptop.

thanks for letting me know.

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Great game, the only thing is that with 2 cows left one of them died leaving the other one left but it stopped the game as if both had died. Otherwise good.

Glad you liked it.

Glad you like the level, the camera let the game down but I just didn’t have time to improve it. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad you like the graphics, I was busy  so this was what I could make in the jam time limit. 

Glad you liked it, I plan to do more on this game after the jam. Taking a break at the moment.

Sorry about the camera, glad you like the game otherwise, the colours were a sticking point for me, I couldn't diside what to do about them. Looking back I agree more colour would be nice. Thanks for the feedback

Sorry the audio was glitching out, I checked and it is the browser version, I will check why godot is doing this, I probably tweaked a setting I should not have. Thanks for the feedback

I would agree about the camera, I could not find a sulution in the time I had, at some point will revisit it and make the camera smother. Thanks for the feedback

great you like the game, there are 2 levels.

sorry about the lack of save points, I forgot about saving the players process, glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you like it, I agree about the colour sceme. I should of taken more time designing the sprites and thought about how easy to see everything would be.


Can I use preexisting sound (humble bundle sound pack) or do i have to make my own for the jam? Many thanks

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Great idea to let the player know where they will die from falling.

Animations look great, the game feels polished.