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Very nice, I enjoy this.

I can see you improve with the flow of the story/mood better then your last comic.

I have to say the comic ended a 1 or 2 pages early but overall pretty alright. Would like to see more comics from  you in the future.

So I played ver1.99 and I have to say it really improved in quality, much more easier to move inbetween rooms, combat feels so much nicer and smoother.  Doesn't feel clunky as before.  Good Job

Also They is a bit of a bug where the starting area where the items that can be picked up at the start goes completly black but still can be dropped and picked back up.

So played it out was simple and cute. like the character designs.
Some Spoilers
Some things I think you should fix is:

Try make the doorways inbetween rooms shorter, at first I thought the the doors weren't working also I sometimes would get caught on the doorway and not know I was stuck.

When you transition in between rooms make sure not the player show up on the same side of the room as the door they entered.  It confuses me when I think I didn't enter the doorway and still in the same room.

I feel you should either speed up the pick up/drop item animation or be able to swap between the characters when one is carrying an item.

Its a bit awkward only using the right mouse for talking, I'm just use to left clicking being use for talking in so many other games. 

When I got to the last statue and tried to put it into the alter and it didn't work. Thought I wasn't suppose to do that and went all the way back to the  room where i got the statue to only found out later I was just standing too close to the altar to use.

Overall nice first work, I hope to see you continue to improve your skills