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You are right and the table font type will be changed back to match the body text of the document. I appreciate the feedback and will upload a new copy within the *next day.


*The updated version is now available.

I am slowly phasing out community copies as it does not fit my games model at this time.

I do owe the community some for the sales this year. The copies will be added now!

I will be providing a discount code for everyone who owns a copy of Courier via itch but not for the Kickstarter campaign. Itch io owners can expect a good discount closer to the release date of August 2024.

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Thanks Melv! Some of the changes were spurred from your video review.

Great question. To gain Fame from the Glider upgrades you will need to reach the 3rd level of a core upgrade, doesn't matter how you earned said upgrade. Hope that helps!

Uploading now for you. My layout document was corrupted and wasn't allowing me to export as pages. All good!

Glad to hear your experience with the game wasn't a bust! I find myself always starting the same way with solo-journal games; unsure of what my character is doing. There are a lot of other journal games on itch that I'm sure you will enjoy, many much better written than Wandering Dreams!

All the best in your future writing endeavours.

Hey Ed,

If you are still interested in this project give me a shout via email. You can find my contact info here:


Hi Ryan,

I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying Courier.

Great question. This is an incorrect rule and should be the following:
Friendship Band - +1 Fame or Infamy when Fame or Infamy is gained for your current companion's Faction.

Influence was a system I had planned where you could increase the bond between you and your companions. This would open new perks and abilities to choose from but was changed at the last minute to just be XP gains that coordinate with the player character's XP gains.

Thanks for creating this! I had a great time reading through and trying a few deliveries. 

MIRU II is an amazing micro-game that provides a challenging sequence of in-game days for the player to overcome. Players will need to balance their decisions to make it to the end, which is highly rewarding and begs for additional plays. The emergent gameplay from your own procedural adventure is exciting and unique each time.

The design is slick, modern, and very intuitive for players. HINOKODO knows their stuff when it comes to layout and user experience. The rules are laid out in a simple to understand way, with guides for everything you will encounter. No matter the player's experience with games, they will easily jump into MIRU II.

5/5 for $5.00. This excellent solo hexcrawl is not to be missed.

Good catch! I'll update that ASAP. Affinity was having a few issues with my GLIDE template and looks like my recent export was funky.

One day! My pile of games to play is a never ending beast as well.

You got it! Enjoy.

Hi JayeBlue,

The intention was to offer a very small chance of something special for the player when the Wild card face was drawn.

Guild ranks start at 1 and increase as you complete quests. For each completed quest in the chain of available quests for a Guild, you gain 1 rank. You will always start at rank 1 for a Guild.

A single quest can be taken at any time when in a Settlement. Taking a quest has no cost associated with it and is a free action. Choose a Guild and take the quest starting at your Guild Rank for the Guild providing the quest.

For GLIDE Jam I will be creating a rule-set for upgrading equipment.

Players can use their Scrap and Artefacts found, or bought, to increase the bonuses of equipment and gear. Each upgrade will cost a set amount of resources, depending on the type of gear or equipment that the player is upgrading. For example: Glider upgrades will cost a higher amount of Scrap as the Glider takes a fair bit of abuse when out in the desert and need more materials to ensure the upgrade is safe and secure.

For this expansion to work I am going to add a profession; the Mechanic. This profession will serve as a framework for new all new professions in the future. I'll post the full breakdown on how to create a profession once I get the base done. This addition will also work hand-in-hand with my Downtime expansion recently released. (

I'm excited to see what the other jammers end up doing!

As a side note: I've added free copies to each of my official expansions to help those who are looking for inspiration.

1 - SH is Shadow. Using the halfling pipe herbs reduces your Shadow level by the given amount. Relaxation... and such! 🌿

2 - Ranged weapons only give bonuses when doing ranged attacks. Same goes for melee weapons.

3 - Items that increase Spirit, Fate, Hit Points, or Wounds would both increase the character's maximum and provide a bonus to you current amount as soon as you equip them. Also; if your character unequips an item that provides a max bonus and your current resource for the stat is above your new max, you would adjust your current to be your new max.

Share your ideas, inspirations, and progress here!

Hey Ed,

I wouldn't mind any of this. There are a few things you mentioned, like the reference page and online-rules, that have been on my to-do list for well over a year now.

The license is CC by 4.0 on everything except the art, so have at it. You can send me an email, sleepysasquatchgames at gmail dot com, to discuss further if you want. I can provide better access to rules and documents for you this way as well!

Thanks, Evlyn!

Glad to hear you are loving the game! There is no rule that states where or how far you need the location to be on the map, so pick what works best for you. I always reveal locations given from NPCs furthest from my location as it gives me a direction and objective to reach.

Thanks for playing!

1 - Adjacent is anything next to the space in an orthogonal (up, down, left, right) direction. Range of 1 can be any space within 1, in all directions.

2 - Diagonal is considered 1 away, not adjacent. You will see a range of 1 being listed for ranged weapons only for this reason.

I'll be sure to clear this up on my next iteration as it actually confuses the next part...

Cleave only does 1 damage to adjacent enemies, not the full amount of damage for the weapon (page 13). Cleave is unique in that it does 1 damage at Range 1, when weapons only target Adjacent or Melee. It's a bonus for using a 2 handed weapon.


I'm happy to hear the procedural generation gave you an interesting encounter to experience. I am looking further into character spawn locations as the 6x6 grid with obstacles does limit starting points for the groups. It does seem like 3/4 times I start within 2 of an enemy which can always feel like an ambush, which isn't the direction I want combat to be going to.

I currently use round tokens of different sizes and colour for my obstacles and difficult terrain. I'll put together a printable token sheet for next release, to help those players who might not have tokens and such on-hand.

Zero rep to start.

You can find GLIDE Jam here:

Hope to see your project on the list!

I hope you enjoy! If you think anything is missing to the available activities, let me know. I have a game jam coming up next month for GLIDE and will be adding another expansion during that time.

Thank you for the support! That video was a real boon to the popularity of Courier back upon its release.

Hey! I will add more once the sale is done in September.

Thank you for the wonderful review and feedback. I'll be sure to correct the 2 errors you pointed out!

I created the mission as an introduction for FIST for myself, so I'm very happy to hear that it comes across as such.

An amazing piece of software that simplifies the job of a GM significantly and provide a visual aid for players. I'm excited to see how the project grows in terms of customization and user content.

No problem. I see your purchase on my end and will send working links to your email. Appreciate you letting me know!

Hey! GLIDE is very kid friendly. The themes in GLIDE are exploration based, personal growth, community building, with no violence. If you would like a copy of any of my games your students, please send me an email and I'll be happy to provide everything at no cost.
sleepysasquatchgames (@) gmail (.) com. 

Hey! Courier is not as kid friendly as GLIDE. The themes in Courier are more post-apocalyptic and violence focused.

If you would like a copy of any of my games your students, please send me an email and I'll be happy to provide everything at no cost.

sleepysasquatchgames (@) gmail (.) com

Fari has once again refined an already amazing system (Breathless) to fit the needs of a modern TTRPG player. The highly enjoyable risk vs. reward mechanic of dice value degradation (do an action, dice value goes down until a rest) is the highlight of the system, in my opinion. You will feel connected to your actions and the risk that your character is taking to perform them. When you character finally grows in strength, you will treasure the higher starting value as just rewards.

Tales of the Burned Stones is an amazing triumph from a creator that just keeps going and getting better with every release. I cannot recommend it enough for players, and especially for aspiring designers (myself included).


Spells will hit on a tie and you can keep casting throughout the combat. Magic uses the same Ranged rules, you risk giving a free attack to the enemy on a miss in addition to their regular turn. This helps to balance ranged attacks and magic attacks as they can be deadly.

Hope that helps!

Great question! Magic is just a TN using 2d6 and your Magic stat. You roll to meet or beat it, and if you do then the spell activates. If you don't meet or beat the TN, the spell fizzles (nothing happens). Magic uses the same Combat rules as Ranged, which are both found on page 31. There is danger to using spells and missing just like ranged attacks.

Let me know if you need further clarification.

I've added some more community copies as of today. Enjoy!

I've created a bundle for you! Find it here:

The version you have is the most up-to-date. Version 0.4.1 was in reference to my in-progress work on the project and can safely be ignored. Sorry for the confusion!