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The presentation was great, and I loved the narrative going on here. The movement timer is a really cool mechanic as well, nice work!

This was fun! Flying around was pretty satisfying, and I enjoyed the "true" ending. My only gripe is that sometimes if the camera is only a little bit off, pressing F doesn't fix it, but that's pretty minor. Nice work!

Haha, what a clever game. The dialogue is super funny, and I got legitimately startled when the pink capsule flew into that square fool. Nice work!

This is a cute game, and I like the idea. I definitely felt bad when I popped the balloons, haha. Nice work.

Wow this demo was awesome, I was sad it was over so soon. I would pay for a full experience for sure. Incredible work!

Took me a bunch of tries to beat, but I finally did it! I think telegraphing which way the ship is going to move next might make the game a little less frustrating. Fun game, nice work.

Awesome game, the crane was very fun to maneuver. Nice job!

Definitely could use some more polish, but I enjoyed running the robot dudes over. Being able to cross gaps at the cost of health is a cool idea!

Thank you so much!

Very nice work, the puzzles were quite clever. That last one has me stumped!

Very cool idea. I had fun, I just wish the difficulty increase was a little more gradual. Nice work!

We made the classic mistake of not having other people playtest that level until after we submitted. The difficulty definitely ramps up a bit too much at the end. Thanks for playing!

This game was surprisingly fun, 3 balls was the perfect difficulty. Well done!

Maybe the best gaming experience I've ever had.

What a cool idea. It's tough, but it's pretty fun! Nice job.

This game is brutal! It took me a couple tries to figure it out, but once I did it was fun! The color palette was a nice choice.

Love the look of the game, and the procedural music is fantastic.

Interesting little puzzle game! I really like the simple art style, and that goal animation looks super slick

Man, this game is hard, but what a cool concept. I think it might be more fun if you didn't have to collect the pickup to get points and instead just got points when the asteroids get destroyed. Good job!

The presentation for this game is great, and I love that you took the theme in such a creative direction. Nice job!

This game is addicting! After several attempts, I managed to get to 3652. I really like how the song tempo increases as the game gets faster, that's a really nice touch. You did an awesome job!

This game is super charming. I love the little comments the souls make, and the art style is really cute. I also found getting dragged back to the start after delivering a soul really satisfying. Incredible job!

Fun idea and a perfect mechanic for the theme. Nice job!

Thank you!

As others have said, using the wrecking ball is pretty tough at first, but once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun! My minor complaint is that when the player gets damaged, the sound effects seem to stack which can be pretty irritating. Overall a pretty cool experience, good job!

Super creative and fun, man. I loved realizing that the anchor could leave the maze, and the art style is perfect. If you turned this into a mobile game with more levels, I would play the hell out of it.

Thank you so much!

Lol, I'm glad you were able to enjoy our game from your swamp. We definitely should have taken the ogre population into account and made the hitbox bigger. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, Thomas! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Yeah, the game could definitely benefit from a more lenient hitbox for clicking. Definitely an oversight, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways!

Thank you for the feedback! We were actually planning to do an endless mode that would have kept track of score, but by the time we finished the regular game we were out of gas and had to call it quits.

Thank you!

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very impressive for 3 hours! Also, the soundtrack frickin slaps bro

Cool game! The music was quite nice and gave the game a sort of zen atmosphere. One thing I would recommend is that it would be nice to know the range of the tower before you place it. Overall though, quite a fun experience. Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely understand how the restart transition might get annoying towards the end of the game. I will definitely keep that in mind in the future.

Cute game! After I had won I kept playing to see all of the different endings. Love the art!

This is a fun game! It's a little brutal having to fully restart when you die, I would recommend a life system or something to make it a little bit easier. I liked the art quite a bit and the concept is good. Overall, you did a good job on your first complete game!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!