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Haha, better late than never! Thanks for playing.

The idea is that Gary is trying to make sure his business survives. Thanks for playing!

Cool concept! I managed to get a little over 400,000 points.

I like the idea, and the simple controls are nice, but a bit hard to use effectively. The art style is simple but good. Nice work!

This game is pretty fun. I do think you need to find a way to incentivize building somehow, as I stopped building altogether once I realized I could dump all of my points into damage and speed. Maybe there could be something you have to protect? Nice work.

A fun twist on an old classic. At one point the hunter shot my whole tail off, and I was just a head which was pretty funny. The music was nice, and I really liked the bit crushed scream when you eat the hunter. Nice work!

Great concept, I really like the mechanic of having to shoot to move, and not being able to touch the walls makes it difficult in a good way. I would say with some polish like music and sfx, and maybe some extra enemies this could be a really sick game. Nice work.

This game is very difficult, but the movement system is really satisfying once you get it right.

The visuals are clean and simple in a good way, and the gameplay is satisfying. I will say that this kind of game would benefit from some good background music, but other than that this game is pretty good. Nice work!

I really like the look of this game, and the transitions between gameplay and the menu are nice as well. A sound effect for when an enemy dies would be nice, but the music is great and the bullet hell gameplay is pretty fun. Nice work!

Thanks for playing, and we're really glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately Gary doesn't trust anyone else to make his world famous grilled cheese.

Glad you liked it! We spent a lot of time playtesting and balancing the ramp up in difficulty, so we're happy to hear that it's good. Thanks for playing!

Managing those grilled cheeses definitely gets pretty frantic after a while. Thanks for playing! 

Simple but fun, and I really liked the post processing effects. Nice work.

Thanks for playing, we're glad you had fun!

This game is simple, but very addicting. I find myself coming back to play it quite often. The feedback from hitting the circles is satisfying. Nice job.

Not bad for your first ever game! The controls feel good, and I like the art. Sound effects/music would definitely go a long way. Nice work.

I like it, the unique enemies really help to make the game interesting. Nice work.

This game feels very polished, amazing work. The gameplay is great, and I could definitely see myself playing more of it. I do think it would be nice if the leaderboard was shown at the end of every run instead of on the main menu, but that's a minor gripe.

This game is pretty fun! I really liked how the people leaned in to catch food, that was a really nice touch.

Love the zombie death sound effect, but I found myself ignoring the zombies for the most part since the player is so much faster than them and they tend to all die on their own every once in a while.

I really like the variety of spells in the game, they definitely add to the replay value. The art is pretty cute too, I like the little slime guys.

Satisfying game, I really liked how the enemies moved. Would have definitely liked a sound effect for shooting. 

The art is great. I liked the music too, but unfortunately it doesn't loop.

This game is really fun. That Shmubler fella is hard to outrun. The mechanics are simple, but feel really good to execute. Unfortunately, sometimes the gooblers spawn in ways that make it nearly impossible to pass once you start going fast, but that didn't stop me from playing for quite a few runs in pursuit of the high score. Nice work!

Having to dodge enemy shots to recharge your abilities is a neat mechanic, it made me want to keep some enemies around while I killed other ones. The simple look of the game is great as well.

Cool game!

Thanks for playing! We really appreciate the feedback.

The effect for the water is really cool! I almost managed to snag first place, but didn't quite make it. Nice game!

Funny game, I liked the voice lines. I am sad to say that I did not become the first.

Seems like a fun game, but no more rocks seemed to spawn after the first one, so I wasn't sure what to do.

A cool idea, I like that you have to sacrifice your dudes to survive. It definitely needs some work, I could see this being a fun game with some balance and bugfixes.

Loved the art, the river looks great. It's also nice to see a fellow developer appreciate some good cheese. Well done.

Fun game, I liked the boat mechanic. It did feel a bit RNG dependent when the edible fish wouldn't spawn. Loved the art and music. Nice work.

I think the difficulty is a bit too easy, but I did enjoy spawning baby zombies. Very epic.

The visuals are really really good. Other than the beginning of the first level, I didn't find myself using the soldiers very much, but they were a cool mechanic. It's a cool game, if you continue to work on it I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

This game is great! I love the art, and the shooting feels good. My only gripe is that you fire the gun when you click an upgrade (which unfortunately ended my run when I had a half heart and picked heal). Overall super cool game, nice work!

Fun idea. I think the controls would be a bit better if everything was bound to WASD. Restarting the game also seems a bit buggy.

Fun game. Like SleepySam said, the controls could be a little tighter. I also think there should be more obstacles than just the virus to mix things up.