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Yup. This will be in my collections.

Hello.  I wanted to ask can I play this with a controller? Just a thought :)

how do I update the game when I already bought it?

Sorry if it's a weird question never bought from this site :)

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I just made a paypal account just to purchase this game and it worked thank gosh haha!

Okay! Thank you~

Hello! I'm in love with these kind of games so I was so excited to try it out and buy it(it's my first time buying a game here). But when I try to pay with my credit card it tells me "your card was declined" ?? What does that mean? I made sure I typed everything right. Also I don't have paypal. 

Thank you! : )

It works! Thank you so much :)

Hello I'm using windows 10 and when I start the game it shows unity logo and then the screen turns black. 

Thank you for making this gorgeous game I can't wait to play it when this get fixed :)