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This is really cool! Maybe you can add a mode where you can play with other people online. I'm thinking maybe it can be a Minecraft type situation where you have to host it yourself instead of it being one central server.

This is so cute. Thank you.

It's for Windows only...

Thank you! I saw this on twitter

yeah bc vr god is lying

thats the joke :)

Well, You're kinda wrong and right.

1. The PSVR Most Likely Can play this, but it requires a PC

2. The PSVR CAN interface with a PC, but it requires some software to set it up

3. You are right about the PS4 requiring signed code, It's standard practise for all console developers to add an encryption method to prevent hacking.

4. There Is hacks for the PS4, but Sony is starting to fix all of the bugs that those hacks take advantage of.

5. The Game is most definitely not designed for the PSVR since they developed it with an Oculus Quest/Quest 2 (or rift idk I don't remember much about the video)

also the PSVR requires a bit of setup on the PC since it doesnt know how to interface with it since nobody intended it to be plugged into a PC. but at the end of the day, it'll work if you try hard enough.

If you have a PC that is capable of running the game, you can connect your PSVR Headset to the computer and play that way. but if insist that you want it on the PS4 instead of the PSVR (or don't have a PC capable of running it), then you're out of luck.

use Oculus Link or ALVR

wrong. you can use Oculus Link or ALVR.


the samsung chromebook has Intel Graphics so no it probably wont be able to lol

bad PCs should still be able to run it, just most likely not with a Pink screen. it'll just be very laggy if it was a bad PC

you need SteamVR, and (if you have a quest), ALVR or Oculus Link.

you use Oculus Link or ALVR with SteamVR


you are totally over the age of 13

Oculus Link and ALVR Exists lol

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you also need a VR Capable PC to play it > "Oculus Link Compatibility". 

after that just scroll down and you'll see the supported GPUs

Most Likely either using Oculus AirLink or the Oculus Link cable.

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I hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure Chromebooks have pretty low specs. For Example, The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 has an Intel Core i3, with Intel UHD Graphics, which is pretty bad, from experience. Even the i5 and i7 chromebooks still have Intel UHD Graphics. So even if they did port it, you'd probably get around 1-10FPS, which I've had before, and is pretty painful.  Also most chromebooks have trackpads, and I don't think playing high end games (that usually require a mouse for comfortability) with a trackpad on a chromebook is a good idea

Nice! Love it!

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Looks good! I'll try it on my Oculus Quest 1 Tomorrow.

Your welcome.

Nice one

Nice game! I played this on my 3DS using mGBA. I really like the story, and i think this would be better if it was a bit longer, But other than that, I like it! Good Job!

I like this! All of the characters are cute, and the problem solving aspect of it really makes it better, As well as when the little characters get their mail. Good Job Dotmoon!

Can you add more stuff? this game is pretty good, but when I finished the game, it's kinda boring. Also what does "New Game+" Mean?

Just use bluestacks.

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You ruined it. Now I know and Everyone will see spoilers.