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I??? Love both of these babies???

I know you don't plan to update this, but why so much fear around drawing Death? It just means "The End of a Cycle" "Beginnings" "Change" and "Metamorphosis". It's a rather neutral card. Drawing The Tower seems much more frightening, standing for "Sudden Upheaval" and "Disaster"

I don't know who I was then, but right now @ 1:57 pm, with a fever, I am not who wrote that. Maybe them, maybe someone else. Sometimes it gets hard to tell.

I never deleted the draft, just in case. I wouldn't call it an answer, but I found:

I'm not them. And they're not me. But we're kind of each other. Probably. has comics. There are still lights on in the hall. I don't like that. 
I want to lay down in the middle of a street and just look at the stars. But I might get hit by a car. 
I want to read the story Stacks wrote in Craig of the Creek. A Star To Call My Own. 
Sureal, abstract. I like that kind of thing. Things that make your brain feel weird.

Some stuff left out because it mentioned personal info that I'd prefer not spread about, like my partner's name. It looks to be last edited July 11th.

That was beautiful. I'm hard of hearing, so I didn't catch everything, but it was lovely.

I wish I could give this 5 stars a hundred times over. This was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Oooooo, I'm a cusp (Capricorn and Aquarius) and it guessed Capricorn, so good on y'all.

You know, valid. I've never personally met an intersex enby that specifically asked me to call them cis, but I can definitely see why they'd ID that way.

Ooookay. While I never in my life met a nonbinary person that IDed as cis, I suppose that is fair

I'm sorry, perhaps this is some kinda typo or brain fart, but on page 12, under the "Trans/Non-binary" header it says "Trans characters and cis non-binary characters are the core of the play experience. I'm not sure what this means. Are you implying non-binary people are cis? I'm just confused.

That was fascinating and slightly nauseating. Very glad I didn't eat during this. I do adore body horror though! This one will absolutely haunt my dreams. 

Blessings on you for that confirmation. Iris and Lily are best girls and I love them.