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Why should I play this mod when the sage demo wasn't built with golf physics in mind?

This game is basically if the backrooms and haunted PS1 had a baby and it is pretty accurate.

I have completed the game several times and pressed F12 during the burger sequence but no matter what I did the endless mode wasn't working for me.

I don't find it fun because of how it is just you timing when to grab the fan.

You don't even get anything for getting under par in every hole!

I can't play this one. The game just gives me a error message telling me to get OpenGl 3 Driver which I am unable to get for my computer and just doesn't load.

I'll be honest this game does have interesting ideas and it even uses minigames from Bishi Bashi of all games but honestly?

Graphics wise the game has quite the charm. It looks like something you would find in a children's coloring book but the cast is kind of disappointing. Though one positive I can give the cast is that modding them is possible. So if you want to have characters from different series you can definitely stand out. (Assuming you know what you are doing)

Presentation wise it is really clean and the boards from other games is a pretty cool idea even if some of the boards do suck. (Luigi's engine room is a great offender in my opinion)

The sound department does contain music and sound effects from other games but it tends to glitch out. However it does let you adjust the SFX and music manually so if you want to quiet down the music but keep the SFX the same volume you can do just that.

Gameplay wise the game lets you adjust plenty of things before the game starts way more than any normal Mario Party game but one thing I would have liked to see is the option to have 2nd and 3rd place still recive a small amount of coins. That was a pity feature of Mario Party that still made it feel like you have a chance and it would have benefited with the game's bad AI. The AI is sometimes utter garbage and sometimes it is just brutal. I had a situation in the cherry minigame during a 2v2 where both my teammate and the other team were utter garbage and would not throw the cherry far enough towards me making it the most annoying moment I had to put up with and most of the time the AI were just out for me and would not stop until I was dead. And keep in mind I was playing with the AI set to normal. Not to mention if you play on teams on the board there is literally nothing stopping your partner from screwing you over. Having a option to turn off friendly fire would have ben appreciated because my partner kept being a massive jerk to me even though we were both on the same side.

The board can easily drive anyone up the wall and I know some people love that but I personally hate it. And before people yell at me saying "It'S a MaRiO pArTy ThInG bEcAuSe It'S a BoArD gAmE!" It's not just the dice blocks! The computer players can just screw you over at the worst possible moments! Even if you set the Luck based minigames off the game will just throw RNG right into your face with the AI!

The minigames are easily the best part of the game but sadly you can only play tournament mode with the minigames which I find stupid. The one part of the game that I like has little to no replay value? That's just ridiculous.

So in all honesty it may be better than the Mario Party series as a whole but when the Mario Party series is so bad it isn't worth playing unless you wanna kill friendships it is not saying much. Honestly? I find the game bad.

It's not a awful game don't get me wrong it does have it's good elements like large amount of customization for the board, fun mini-games and clever ideas for the settings but it suffers HEAVILY from the main mode  still being a chore to play, the AI being coded very poorly especially in the team modes, little to no minigame replay value and a mediocre roster.

This is now the definitive way to play the Sage demo.

I have no idea why I said "not" instead of "now" in the original post. That's what happens when you look over small errors like a idiot.


The mouse doesn't make the character look around. I can still fire but that's it. It won't let me aim properly.

The mouse doesn't work for me

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I apparently managed to soft-lock the game. When I got the headphones I used them in the ice room and I couldn't move at all and the menu would not open. The only way out of this was to X out of the game.

Update: Another issue I am having with the game is that the event for drinking 5 times at the pub in the city can randomly freeze the cutscene softlocking the game forcing me to reset the game.

Update 2: Another cutscene can softlock my game. This time it's the event on the boat.

there isn't really much as of the currently available version because even though it has a higher frame rate and allows for FPS controls it does not have as much to do as the PS1 original.

Okay this is really good.

I found 2 bugs at 2:09 in the video.

The first is near the bunny's house. There is a spot behind the house where it seems like you can walk past no issue but there is a random invisible wall stopping you. Why not just have a fence there so it shows that you can't go that way?

And the 2nd bug involves the river. I seen ways to make the scooter glitch out by riding it near the lake so I did it myself on-foot and hey! I can walk on water! But the space is really tight and I can't get out. Resulting in me softlocking the game. And when I tried to reload my file (Which takes longer than it should since the quit option boots you back to your computer) it respawned me in the same spot forcing me to start a new file and start all over.

This basically states that the river can hard-brick your save file if you're not careful.

"Ah Yeah... No Admin Build"


The admin build was the worst thing about the OG Pizza Tower Network because players got access to it and all heck broke loose when it was leaked!

As funny as the concept is, it is WAY too easy to die! Namely because the flashlight barely shows anything and it is so dark that it is very easy to get lost! By the time you find a topping pizza face is right at your grill!

I'll be honest for a demo it is really good. It managed to incorporate all the elements it needed from pizza tower while also bringing back a beta element in the form of the heat meter. If there was one pizza tower fangame to keep a look out for if it gets a full release this is the game for you.

I have mixed opinions on the new version.

First the new design of the areas look nice as they add some skill and the difficulty options are nice but once you get the lantern you can't leave the castle so part of the new designs go to waste. I get that you are trying to show off the bug fixes before adding new parts of the castle but why couldn't the outside have some chests and souls to collect like in the older versions? That would have given the new designs of the castle's exterior some use!

Tiredcream6472 played this and he had plenty of fun both editing the video and playing the game

A baldi mod where EVERYONE from the original version rides around in go-karts?! This is sure to be fun!

Isn't the title a obvious refrence to 007 racing's 2nd mission?

What do you think this is?! Goldeneye 007?!

As much as I would like to play this one the mouse is too sensitive. If you even breath on the turn sensitivity it just gets sent flying so you have to use a controller and having little dots in the math does not work because even when you think you got the right answer you end up getting it wrong.

Ha ha doom mod go BRRRRRRRRRR

Can't play this game

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Umm... What is different about this and the original Portaboy anyway?

I played through the game on both easy and normal and a bit of hard but I gave up on stage 2 on hard mode because it was pretty brutal.

I'll start by getting the elephant in the room out of the way: The frame rate is sub-par. It's not major but just to have the game run at a decent framerate I had to set the quality to the lowest setting. Doesn't sound good but thankfully this game is really short with only 3 levels.

The plot however is kind of confusing. It's unclear who you are supposed to be playing as and the only way the game implies that you are playing a sonic horror game is having Sonic be the antagonist, The entirety of stage 2 and the metal sonics comming to get you in stage 3. Other than that there is 0 implication. This isn't nessicarily a bad thing but with a game this short it sticks out. I however claim Cream's adventure by Tailsguy worse of short length because at least with this game the run-time is at least 10-15 minutes long.

Stage 1:

A practically easy level to start things out on. And in all fairness it is just that. All you have to do is find all the monitors that have codes to type, get rid of pop-ups, type in the codes and enter the schoolhouse. Easy but kind of TOO easy. I beat it on my 1st try on all 3 difficulties which is fine with Easy because there are lights on making seeing Sonic easier but with hard there is no excuse. I think Sonic moves faster on hard but I wasn't sure.

Stage 2:

This is where the education theme came from huh? Anyway this stage is a obvious Sonic's schoolhouse level and you just have to answer questions with Sonic chasing you down. Sounds like a simple Baldi clone and in all fairness it is one even if normal removes the HUD. The REAL problems come into hard mode. I don't know if it is a feature or a bug but for some reason I died while transitioning into stage 2 on hard mode and another Sonic just spawned so I had to put up with 2 of them throughout the stage. What's worse is that being brought to detention is a death sentence if Sonic is in the hippo's path. In Baldi's Basics being brought to detention just warped you there so if Baldi is right behind you he has to head there himself. In THIS game however you get taken there which is more realistic but if any of the Sonics are in the way you are pretty much dead because you have no invincibility frames. I couldn't even answer a question in the reading subject on Hard.

Stage 3:

Hey look! A FNAF clone! This one however is the easiest to get the feel for. Just survive until the timer runs out, Don't let the security become hacked and if a Metal sonic is approaching from one of the doors just close it. I think the harder difficulties just increase the timer because I never got to this stage on Hard mode. Though I do kinda like how you can actually leave the office and if you do that the doors close leaving you to fend for yourself in the fast food joint which will likley end in your death. Nice touch but how do you explain the Metal sonics going through doors if you close them when they make it into your office?

So yeah. I found this a average game. Namely because of how the other characters besides the hippo barely relate to Sonic the hedgehog. Had the others actually feel like they were from Sonic and it would have ben a okay game.

This is obviously just the steam game but turned into a free 2 play title.

It's dumb as heck but I would be lying if I told you I didn't enjoy my time!

This game feels like Baldi's Basics if Baldi could rubber band you.

Other than that this was a pretty decent game.

I played this for several minutes and got NOWHERE!

Like no matter how many times I played I can't even get 1 mile in! I always die because of some reason or another!

Not to mention just touching 1 thing kills you! No matter how slow you where going, No matter what you touch just 1 hit and you die even if you are moving at the slowest speed possible!

It's like if you hit a police car that just peacefully sits there and does nothing (Unrealistic) you die, You touch a rail you die, You hit a bag of garbage you die, You hit a pylon you die, If you go too fast you die, If you go too slow you die, Too far to the right you die, Too far to the left you die, you die you die you die die die die die DIIIIIIIE!

That wouldn't be so bad if these drivers are smart but no! These are the world's worst drivers I have ever seen since The Simpsons hit and run! They just crash into each other and break the laws of physics by FLYING through the air which although is hilarious that laughter dies out the moment you realize that if you sit and laugh at the havoc the drivers get into and have bad luck you just get killed by a driver even if you didn't even start moving!

Which even if you start moving it is unpleasant to even do! I thought the fishing controls in Fishing Vacation was bad enough with how much you have to mash the buttons to reel in a fish but this is just taking a dump! You have to mash the left and right arrow keys like there is no tomorrow just to get anywhere and control your movement with A and D! I had to constantly switch what hand I was using to move just to avoid carpel tunnel! Not to mention the turning is just terrible because instead of having proper turning like a bike would normally have it instead pivots the bike causing it to spin around like it is on ice and it is horrible to do and turns on it's own even if you don't touch A or D!

Honestly? This game is only for players that have a lot of patience because no matter how long I played the furthest I got was half a mile.

Thank GOD this comment exists! I spend way too long on Ben's minigame!

For a demo it looks promising for some point and click people but I am not one of them so unfortunately this isn't the game I would spend much time on.

This one was a nice take on 2D platformers and it was really good! Only I would not replay this due to it being too short and easy.


This was something that blew me away.

How did this game that was styled after N64 get submitted to a PS1 advent calendar anyway?!

I did it. I beat the game and got all 10 coins. This was a really difficult task. I am NEVER playing this game again. This 2D monkey ball game made me rage hard.

Interesting? Yes but something I won't make into a youtube video unlike what I did with all of your other games (Except for the confrontony of toast 2).