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As much as I would like to play this one the mouse is too sensitive. If you even breath on the turn sensitivity it just gets sent flying so you have to use a controller and having little dots in the math does not work because even when you think you got the right answer you end up getting it wrong.

Ha ha doom mod go BRRRRRRRRRR

Can't play this game

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Umm... What is different about this and the original Portaboy anyway?

I played through the game on both easy and normal and a bit of hard but I gave up on stage 2 on hard mode because it was pretty brutal.

I'll start by getting the elephant in the room out of the way: The frame rate is sub-par. It's not major but just to have the game run at a decent framerate I had to set the quality to the lowest setting. Doesn't sound good but thankfully this game is really short with only 3 levels.

The plot however is kind of confusing. It's unclear who you are supposed to be playing as and the only way the game implies that you are playing a sonic horror game is having Sonic be the antagonist, The entirety of stage 2 and the metal sonics comming to get you in stage 3. Other than that there is 0 implication. This isn't nessicarily a bad thing but with a game this short it sticks out. I however claim Cream's adventure by Tailsguy worse of short length because at least with this game the run-time is at least 10-15 minutes long.

Stage 1:

A practically easy level to start things out on. And in all fairness it is just that. All you have to do is find all the monitors that have codes to type, get rid of pop-ups, type in the codes and enter the schoolhouse. Easy but kind of TOO easy. I beat it on my 1st try on all 3 difficulties which is fine with Easy because there are lights on making seeing Sonic easier but with hard there is no excuse. I think Sonic moves faster on hard but I wasn't sure.

Stage 2:

This is where the education theme came from huh? Anyway this stage is a obvious Sonic's schoolhouse level and you just have to answer questions with Sonic chasing you down. Sounds like a simple Baldi clone and in all fairness it is one even if normal removes the HUD. The REAL problems come into hard mode. I don't know if it is a feature or a bug but for some reason I died while transitioning into stage 2 on hard mode and another Sonic just spawned so I had to put up with 2 of them throughout the stage. What's worse is that being brought to detention is a death sentence if Sonic is in the hippo's path. In Baldi's Basics being brought to detention just warped you there so if Baldi is right behind you he has to head there himself. In THIS game however you get taken there which is more realistic but if any of the Sonics are in the way you are pretty much dead because you have no invincibility frames. I couldn't even answer a question in the reading subject on Hard.

Stage 3:

Hey look! A FNAF clone! This one however is the easiest to get the feel for. Just survive until the timer runs out, Don't let the security become hacked and if a Metal sonic is approaching from one of the doors just close it. I think the harder difficulties just increase the timer because I never got to this stage on Hard mode. Though I do kinda like how you can actually leave the office and if you do that the doors close leaving you to fend for yourself in the fast food joint which will likley end in your death. Nice touch but how do you explain the Metal sonics going through doors if you close them when they make it into your office?

So yeah. I found this a average game. Namely because of how the other characters besides the hippo barely relate to Sonic the hedgehog. Had the others actually feel like they were from Sonic and it would have ben a okay game.

This is obviously just the steam game but turned into a free 2 play title.

It's dumb as heck but I would be lying if I told you I didn't enjoy my time!

This game feels like Baldi's Basics if Baldi could rubber band you.

Other than that this was a pretty decent game.

I played this for several minutes and got NOWHERE!

Like no matter how many times I played I can't even get 1 mile in! I always die because of some reason or another!

Not to mention just touching 1 thing kills you! No matter how slow you where going, No matter what you touch just 1 hit and you die even if you are moving at the slowest speed possible!

It's like if you hit a police car that just peacefully sits there and does nothing (Unrealistic) you die, You touch a rail you die, You hit a bag of garbage you die, You hit a pylon you die, If you go too fast you die, If you go too slow you die, Too far to the right you die, Too far to the left you die, you die you die you die die die die die DIIIIIIIE!

That wouldn't be so bad if these drivers are smart but no! These are the world's worst drivers I have ever seen since The Simpsons hit and run! They just crash into each other and break the laws of physics by FLYING through the air which although is hilarious that laughter dies out the moment you realize that if you sit and laugh at the havoc the drivers get into and have bad luck you just get killed by a driver even if you didn't even start moving!

Which even if you start moving it is unpleasant to even do! I thought the fishing controls in Fishing Vacation was bad enough with how much you have to mash the buttons to reel in a fish but this is just taking a dump! You have to mash the left and right arrow keys like there is no tomorrow just to get anywhere and control your movement with A and D! I had to constantly switch what hand I was using to move just to avoid carpel tunnel! Not to mention the turning is just terrible because instead of having proper turning like a bike would normally have it instead pivots the bike causing it to spin around like it is on ice and it is horrible to do and turns on it's own even if you don't touch A or D!

Honestly? This game is only for players that have a lot of patience because no matter how long I played the furthest I got was half a mile.

Thank GOD this comment exists! I spend way too long on Ben's minigame!

For a demo it looks promising for some point and click people but I am not one of them so unfortunately this isn't the game I would spend much time on.

This one was a nice take on 2D platformers and it was really good! Only I would not replay this due to it being too short and easy.


This was something that blew me away.

How did this game that was styled after N64 get submitted to a PS1 advent calendar anyway?!

I did it. I beat the game and got all 10 coins. This was a really difficult task. I am NEVER playing this game again. This 2D monkey ball game made me rage hard.

Interesting? Yes but something I won't make into a youtube video unlike what I did with all of your other games (Except for the confrontony of toast 2).

I gotta say lumpy I had fun with this game. I played through the whole thing and managed to find everything without looking anything up which is something I am proud of.

The game's graphics are nice and properly resemble the artwork from your among us gameboy videos, the platforming is fun to play and the cutscenes are something that kept me from turning off the game.

It however had some things that I did not like. The "secrets" are not much of secrets because they are WAY to easy to find, ID card 1 is WAY too hard to grab in level 3, The 4th ID card is near impossible to grab without taking damage, The music despite being of the game boy's time is forgivable I found no tracks that I liked and the secret option ending for stage 3 is spoiled on the game's site.

Other than that it is a great among us game that does not copy among us and accurately shows what the imposters went through in the ventilation shafts.

An education game that enters horror once day 2 is over? Now I really am gonna avoid pylons.

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Loved it. And I managed to get all of the sheep. Just a bit short and easy.

This has to be the most depressing horror game I have ever played. I felt bad for all the innocent workers. Even the main character. I felt that way because it was pretty much slavery with no pay for everyone and at the end of the game random workers would be chosen to be finished off. It reminded me of a dream I had where I was in a school but if even one student broke a single rule no matter how serious it was the student would be sentenced to a death trap.

It can be kinda hard to get the hang of but once you get it down it feels satisfying to just see the dog fly across the world faster than furret could ever dream of!

Well I was playing fishing vacation and the third shift using windows 10. As such the only filter I could use was the green one. All other filters resulted in a crash.

Despite the flaw of having a stamina mechanic where you can only run for so long before having to find a water fountain or a bottle of water the game is really good! I played this after fishing vacation and was really enjoying myself! It even had some moments that actually scared me! Something that when I played fishing vacation did not occur! Not to mention the aquarium! Oh my goodness it looked beautiful! Even for a gameboy styled environment! It is up there with blather's aquarium in animal crossing new horizons for best aquariums in gaming ever! Not only does it also have that one fish can obscure the entire view in the tunnel (Kinda rare for me to see since I only saw it once when I played the game.) but it also has a timed section upon fixing all 4 pipes! In which you have 3 minutes to navigate a maze and flip 4 levers! Only I had to walk because I was out of stamina which kinda ruined the moment. But at least it ends with a boss fight against a fish! And it is actually really good! Since you have to use the environment to take it out!

To be real I died 5 times while playing. 2 where from the shark with a failed dodge and trying to feed it chum on the crossing area, 1 was from one of the entities I had to avoid and 2 where from the boss with a failed getaway and dodge.

However when I press CTRL it changes the lameboy just fine but when I press ALT the game crashes. Why?

No problem! It's just that the fishing really hurt my hands while playing because of how much I was button mashing. I was just pressing the arrow keys, A and D like crazy! I almost got carpal tunnel when I finished the game. Also while playing the pallets did not work. Whenever I pressed CTRL the game gave me a error message and then crashed.

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It is a enjoyable game. In fact it is really good. The one aspect I like is that the game starts really calm, laid back and chill then goes into spook zone at day 3. Although it is more annoying trying to catch fish in this game than in animal crossing where I had to cast my line in the same direction the fish was facing and be close enough to get a shot at catching it...

What I find weird is that ending B is nowhere to be found in this game. I'm thinking ending B was probably a cut ending where if you found or caught something to use against the uncle (like a baseball bat or a boxing glove with a horseshoe inside for example) you could fight back against the uncle and can choose 1 of 3 options.

Option 1: Report what tried to kill you (Ending B where you tell the police that someone tried to kill you in a cabin)

Option 2: Hide the body and leave (A variant of Ending A whereas the police leave you inform your friend that you dealt with the uncle yourself)

Option 3: KO your friend, Hide both the uncle and your friend in the cellar and enter infinite overtime (A mode that allows you to get bait and catch worms without the story ending the fun)

I don't know but considering how big that sounds (especially that last option) I can kinda see why ending B is not seen in this game.

Edit: I actually got ending B while playing. Making all the boosh I was talking about ending B nowhere to be found completely wrong. Good job gameplay. You ruined this comment.

He craves more until you give him all the cigarettes (You cannot save once to accomplish this) in which he hands you a item that can trigger one of the 5 endings.

This game wont work for me. I can start it up with no issues but when I click connect nothing happens.

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Although it is a good game it lags a lot for me.

I gotta give the game bonus points for changing the ending depending on how much energy you have left at the end of the game.

It is. I beat it unrecorded.

This game crashes the moment i load it

That was really wholesome! And told me that dreams can teach you thing the world cant! The dream music in dreams 1 and 2 was relaxing to the point I would fluff up my pillow and sleep! However in dream 3 the mushrooms linger and if you bounce high enough so you can get out of bounds you will fall forever.