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Nicely done! There's a lot you can do with this idea and I see a lot of potential directions to go with this!

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No way, it really does listen! We loved The Summit, it was so witty! Thank you!

Thank you! Zerandi and Grimsock put their all into their art.

Great point, we hadn't considered that! Easy fix and well worth the time.

No, unfortunately! We really wanted to have different endings, but thought that at least having one humorous one to at least close the loop was fine for the deadline.

This was very cool! I liked how both you and the ghost relied on each other equally to get through areas. Having the ghost be able to move through gates and having the player be able to press floor buttons were clever design decisions. Great job!

Hey, this was a cool game! I think there's a lot that can be done with the constraint of the length of string. Unfortunately, I kept failing the mission at the very end because my string would snap even though my characters were right next to each other.

This game is really fun, and pretty challenging as well. Your sound design is on point, and the clicks that play when you connect with the next point are satisfying. Great visuals too!

This is great idea for a game! More enemies do seem to spawn in the first run, and it's very satisfying to take out several enemies at once through a single swing. I agree that being able to keep momentum from your swing after letting go and when connecting with enemies would be a nice addition!

Thank you! WorriedWyvern and Zerandi were particularly happy with that one!