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Definitely got me with some scares at first, however the walking around at such a slow pace was a little bit of a drag for me. Overall a good game though. Second game in video.

Game was a little weird but I liked it. I just think it could have used a few more scares. It built tension really well though.

I really liked this game and it was definitely one of the scarier games I’ve played on this website. Just felt a little repetitive at the beginning but still really fun. 

The voice acting in this one definitely had me cracking up a bit. This was a pretty funny game just a little dark when it came to the section of trying to catch the kids. Overall it was pretty good for what it is.

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it was a pretty interesting game and was definitely off putting when it came to having a giant creature in the middle of the ocean demanding food from you. Game starts at 3:30 mark

Fun game with some good scares. Really enjoyed it for a short horror game. 

A lot less action than the previous two games but still and interesting experience with a few scares. Second game in the video starting around the 5:15 mark

Pretty good concept for a game really liked it. 

took a big turn from the previous game but still had some fun. I definitely did not feel 100% safe during any part of the game so that was very well done. Second game in the video around the 5:40 mark 

This game really surprised me. I was a little skeptical at first but this game genuinely scared me quite a few times. Really good job with this one. 

The jumpscares actually got me a couple times. Also had a little fun critiquing all the carrots. Starts around the 5:38 mark.

Very fun game and very different from any horror game I have ever played. I really enjoyed it.

Really good job. Fun concept and actually got me with some scares.

really enjoyed the game. The atmosphere was great and I thought the long moments of silence and repetition really helped give the user a false sense of security at some points, only to be quickly scared again. Great game. 

Really enjoyed this game. Amazing atmosphere, and it was actually scary. The music didn't really fit in but besides that this was a great game.

Really enjoyed this game just wish it was longer. Gameplay starts at 6:55. Anxious for episode 2!

This was honestly one of if not the best sirenhead games out right now. It was very fun, very scary, and I loved how active Sirenhead was, even though he scared the crap out of me sometimes.

First game I played in the video. Interesting concept and I really enjoyed the game.

Second game I played in my video. The atmosphere was actually quite great and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

This game was very weir and very creepy. So weird that I actually enjoyed it lol. Fun game. I played it as the second game in one of my videos.

Pretty good especially for a first game. The scares actually got me a few times and I enjoyed playing it for my channel.

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I absolutely loved this game. The art style was amazing and the monster was actually quite scary. I can't wait to play a full version of this game.