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use winrar to extract the files then open .EXE FILE INSIDE THE EXTRACTED FOLDER

click and press enter

those are in experimental stage available for testers now

i've got a amd rx 580 and for some reason I can play test wih the  Game engine and a standalone game running +recording at the same time so I think it's a driver issue on your side or something it should run really good.


,just avoid it

Its free

Does not work yet, the ui in place is placeholder and are gonna work only in build 7 and above

Its free

Already a thing

I know we tried it with hamachi and didnt work for us too we dont know how to fix it right now, but in future it will be fixed like in build 7

Extract it with winrar and open the. Exe  of the game and then play

Did you get it yet?

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Because it's a vr game, there are much better non vr aot titles out there to choose from


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you can find better non vr aot games out there .There are AAA examples such as AOT2 etc