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^^   this games fun, thanks for making it. ya i been playing clicker games a long time


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I didn't see any game breaking bugs/errors, but here's a couple things I've noticed while playing for about 15 minutes.  When I get the chance, I can go through the game more and see if I find anything else.

(I've been a game tester for a very long time and tend to find things that a lot of people might miss. Don't feel overwhelmed if I find a lot of bugs, since many of them would only be minor problems.)


You can't move diagonally if you press multiple movement keys at the same time. example w+a or s+d.

When you reach the area where the emergency broadcast starts, there is a "half" crate on the left.

If you have a wooden board or possibly other items in your "active" quick slot, you can't attack. If you have a soda or candybar in the active slot, you can accidentally use it instead of attacking.

When you reach the area with the knife, the FPS drops from 60 to around 30 and your character walks very slowly. This is most likely caused by the lighting or other items in the area. Once you go outside, the FPS at 60 again.

If you forget to break any crates or pick up the knife before going outside, you can't get them since you can't go back into the subway.

Stamina starts at 100/100. if you continue sprinting or attacking (possibly holding both buttons down) once it reaches 0/100,  the second number will very slowly start to drop. I noticed it at 3/98.

(While in the subway) If your stamina is at 0 you can still attack. You can't sprint when it is at 0, but if you keep holding the button down you will speed up once in a while. This might only happen because of the FPS dropping at certain spots.

Candybar drops your maximum health by 3. it showed 97/97 after it was eaten. (This was when the character is at maximum health and still in the subway. I didn't check if it happens outside yet.)

If your character is "bumping" against a crate, go into your inventory. the inventory screen will slowly "bump" downwards. (picture included)

Awesome, thanks for adding the other controls. I'm going to download the new version and check it out later today.

This game looks very well made. It reminds me of a mix between Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and Project Zomboid.

Sadly, for the moment I am unable to play it, because I can't move the character using the keyboard/mouse and don't currently have a gamepad. Win 10 x64

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Day 1:

I was sitting in my back yard relaxing when I heard a noise on my roof, which sounded like a piece of rice being dropped into a glass dish.  I climbed up to see what made the noise and to my surprise, it was a small black block.  I don't know where it came from or what type of material it was, but I didn't want it on my roof.  I was worried it might start to leak where landed.  I pushed it off the roof and right before reached the ground, it disappeared.  At the same time I heard a voice in my head say "one".  It scared me for a moment, but then another small black square appeared over my roof and landed with a crash.  I knew that I had to do something quick, before my roof was full of holes.  I pushed that off also and heard the voice again, this time saying "two".

I looked at my garage to see if these blocks were falling on it also. Gladly, I didn't see any over there. Just then, a picture magically drew itself on the side of my garage, which had these same numbers and something that looked to like buttons below them. I climbed down from the roof and pressed on the spot which looked like one of the buttons. To my amazement, TWO blocks fell onto my roof this time.  Okay, something strange is going on...

Day 2:

These blocks won't stop falling.  I don't know where they're coming from, but this needs to stop now.  Everytime I knock them off my roof, more appear in their place.  After pressing those buttons on the garage a few times, I now have NINE blocks falling on my roof everytime I sweep them off.  I can't leave them up there, the weight might cave in my roof, so I keep pressing these buttons to see if one of them might stop these blocks from falling, but no... all it seems to do is increase the number of them, or change their colors and shapes. I need to find a way to stop this...

Day 3:

I haven't slept in two days.  The sound of these blocks are getting very annoying.  Luckily, I somehow managed to build a machine that will knock them off the roof.  I'm still pressing those buttons in hopes that these blocks will finally stop falling on my house.

Day 4:

They still haven't stopped falling, this is getting crazy.  I called the carpenter, who said that he can't do much about my roof, except rebuild it thinner.  That should make the blocks fall off quicker, which would make less noise, so I can finally get some sleep.  Although, there's one small problem with the carpenter,  he only accepts a form of currency called "Prestige".  I have no idea what that is, but there's one button on the garage that I haven't pressed yet, so maybe that will help.   I will try pressing it later.

Day 5:

I was right, that button on the garage magically created a few orange coins with a large letter "P" on them.  That must be what the carpenter meant.  I called him and he said that he will gladly make the roof thinner for me.  This is wonderful.

Day 6:

Still pressing buttons to try and get these blocks to stop. Nothing is helping yet.  The roof has gotten very thin and most of the blocks are falling towards the ground by themselves.  Some of them have completely changed form and now look like pictures of people, along with red or green ham.  At least I won't go hungry.

Day 7:

I now have many of these small machines built on the roof, knocking the blocks down.  I have pressed many of the buttons multiple times. The last time I counted them, there must be at least ONE THOUSAND blocks landing on my roof every few seconds...

Day 8:

I must find a way to stop these blocks...

Day 9:

Must stop blocks...

Day 10:



When you get to a certain point (hundreds of millions), it does start to take a while to level up the different skills, so that may need slightly balanced.  It would also be nice to see the buttons light up  when you have enough points to purchase them.  Or perhaps a few extra sounds for the different shape blocks, so it doesn't sound like rice in a glass dish constantly.  Also, when you have maximum "basic formation" and your "block amount" is at level 7, it starts to lag when respawning the blocks.

Overall, I would say that this is a fun, relaxing little game. Thanks for making it.

For some reason, this game reminds me of an old game that I still play once in a while called,    Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer.

Or the TV show Dexter.

Whatever you're doing with the game, Keep doing it, This looks awesome!

Amazing graphic quality, are you using DAZ 3d?

I noticed that you chose not to use the "R" word. Was that because you didn't want to offend anyone with it, or felt like you shouldn't push the limit on the vocabulary, since the pictures already do that?

Do you have any other plans for certain fetishes in the game, (breathplay,  torture, hanging, drowning, electric, cannibalism, etc,) or is it going to more more of a suspense/thriller, demented killer type theme?

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next update.

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So far I'm liking this visual novel/game.  Well drawn graphics, puzzles and the storyline.

Some of the storyline seems to be written strange or out of context, but I didn't feel like typing out everything as a complete walkthrough. Maybe another time. 

So far, I found 2 bugs/errors while playing.


Edit - On the "completed" quests page, once you have enough of them finished, the grey names will overlap (Description) and (Progress).


Go to the tavern at night and talk to Malory.

When it shows (Feed), (Lilith), (Nothing), choose (Lilith).

After you read the storyline to the part where Malory says "You can always feed me if you like it." Then the character says "I know", this pops up on screen.


<script async="" src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


Thanks for making this and keep up the good work.

Fun game, good sound effects too. Thanks for making it.

I also sent you a bug report for 2 small things.

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This is a fun little puzzle adventure game.  When I first started playing, It reminded me of Hydlide for the original NES.  The music goes very well with the area you're in. Thanks for making it.

 If anyone is having a hard time playing, try not to use any potions near the beginning and make sure to scout around a lot for easier enemies to level up.

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That's a fun little game, too bad there's only a couple levels.  Thanks for making it.  See if you can beat my time.  3m34s00

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When I first saw this game, I figured it was just another one of those "hentai rpg" style games and kept passing it up. It's definitely not.    

This game is REALLY GOOD. I'm not too far into it yet, but the storyline is very well written and the main characters are extremely well drawn.  There were quite a few times, simply because of how the main character speaks with an innocent tone combined with sheer stupidity "especially right after you fight the drunken guards", that I was laughing fairly hard because it reminds me of certain people I've met over the years.  Keep up the great work, I joined your Discord channel and even finally made an account on Patreon just to check out your page.

I do feel that this is a wonderful concept for a game. Gender role reversal, women empowerment, stereotypical tendencies. Basically taking a walk in the other persons shoes.

 I would absolutely support this game. 

Do you happen to know how much the final release will cost, seeing that I would only be able to get the public versions, because I wouldn't be able to donate monthly?  I may be able to give a small donation at some point though.


A couple small things I've noticed.

When using the broken Augur's orb, there is a word and a comma missing in the one answser  (If "I" don't know how to get out of this goddamn thing "comma" what makes you think I can get you home?)

Also, after you deliver the fake bear pelts to the merchant and the bees scare him off, the bees are still at the top of the screen, where the path to the bears and bees is located.

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So far, I'm approximately 169 screens in and just found a dead end. it was a long walk back to the entrance.  A lot of fun though. It reminds me of a maze game I used to play years ago.

Almost 2 hours and probably 400 screens later.  If there is an ending to this EPIC ADVENTURE, I will find it.

Oldschool graphics - Yes

Huge maze - Yes

Dead ends - Yes

Extremely redundant - Yes

Minotaur - No

I have to give it 9/10  because a maze this large deserves a Minotaur.  Actually, this is one of the best games I've played in a while.  I grew up playing Intellivision and Atari.

 3 hours later.   That ending is great and yes, I enjoyed my visit. Thank you very much for making it.

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At first glance, I thought this was just another one of those "build your own town" sandbox games.

Then I left the camp and saw the rest of the huge world you can explore.

I came across some "un-friendly" folks while trying to gather supplies as they shot arrows and chased my character with metal bars. Poor guy never stood a chance without any weapons lol...

After only playing the game for about 10 minutes, this is definately going in my top 5 survival games and I've played MANY of them over the years.

It reminds me of a 2d version of Fallen Earth , combined with Haven and Hearth, UnReal World, Neo Scavenger, plus the movie Mad Max all rolled into one awesome little game.

Keep up the great work.

Nice additions in the newest update. I put 5,000 clicks into it, everything seems to be working.

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I've been busy lately, but I put 4,000 clicks into the game today. It looks like everything is working properly so far. Nice work :)

Do you have anything else planned for it, or are you keeping it a "minimal" type clicker?

How's your new game coming along?

It was the resolution. After I switched the numbers in the file to 1366/768, it works again.  Easy fix. 

This is what the "settings" were at.


Show intro
Visual quality ( 1 = high settings, 2 = low settings)
Maximum robots on screen ( between 0 and whatever your computer can handle )

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Something changed between v0.76 and v0.77

v0.77 will not start.

After I tried to open it, I got an "Engine log" in the folder.

Working in C:\Users\Home\Desktop\Atomiclick\
SDL_Init done
gWindow done
GlobalRenderer done
TTF_Init done
SDL_GameControllerOpen(0) : There are 0 joysticks available
Loading Fonts
Setting font hint
Setting font's colors

No, I am not using an auto-clicker.  I can use 1 hand and click 10/second, but if I use both hands, I can go faster 13+/second.

I like how you added the robots to the middle.

There could be a small problem once you get a large amount of robots.  After 26 robots, there is over 15,000 particles on the screen. You may want to reduce the number of particles because, slower computers might lag later in the game . Currently, each robot raises the number of particles by 500.

The buttons "level up, build, upgrade", when the cost is over 1,000,000 gold, the left side of the box covers the number. You may want to increase the size of these boxes by a little, so that if someone plays until the cost is over 1 billion, the number will not get blocked.

You can also switch the numbers to letters after the cost get high enough, like 1,000 = 1k, or 1,000,000 = 1m and beyond. This is easier than having very large numbers going across the screen (if someone plays THAT far into the game)

After you get many robots, the stars that show up near the middle of the screen are harder to see, because of the particles that the robots make.

Thank you for adding the yes/no confirmation to the "quit" button.

Everything else looks good  :)

Fun game, thank you for making it.

He is talking about the movement keys "w" and "d" (left and right)

Samuel Sb7 wants to use (W, A, S, D) instead of "Z, S, X, C"  Movement is  easier this way.  Many other games use W, A, S, D,  for "up, down, left, right"

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I like the mouse particles going to the middle.

power fluctuation every 5 levels is good.

The stars are easier to see, thank you.

If I click "Quit" the game still shuts down without a yes/no prompt. There is no warning.

After 20,000 clicks, everything else looks good.

Also, I hope you have the best of luck on your new game :)

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I like the small star you added to click on for gold.

It seems like the star gives gold (Level+power bonus x 100)?  At level 20 the star gives 4,000 gold.  This is good.

The star shows up very frequently. This is good because, at higher levels (level 20+) you need a lot of gold to get to the next level.

When you click the Reset button, it shows (YES/NO). This is good.

You may want to add a (yes/no) button for Quit.  I was clicking while watching TV and all of a sudden the game shut down because I accidentally clicked Quit.

The farther the star is from the middle of the screen, the harder it is to see.

You might want to add an (Options) button, so that people know which buttons to press for certain things. H to hide/show the GUI, S to hide/show player stats etc.

Everything else looks good so far.  Nice work on this update :)

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Jumping takes a minute to get used to but, overall its a good game. Too bad its just the 1 level. Thanks for making it, I had fun.

I just played through the 1 time, so I didn't look for any bugs, but atleast you know that all the levels can be completed. Thanks for making it :)

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Always liked playing Sokoban :)  I think level 7?  16 and 25 gave me a little trouble for a second there, but I got all of them done. Took me about 20 minutes

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These new additions are nice,  they help keep track of certain things better.  There's a couple small problems though.

It seems like the buttons are behind the  "clicking" part of the screen, because I can click on them and even if I can't afford something, it still counts as a click and raises the gold as if I was clicking in the main area.

Example - If I click on Reset, it counts as 1 click, if I click Yes to reset the game, it starts over and I already have 1 click instead of 0.

You could fix this, by "greying out, or masking the buttons" until you can afford to buy something.  I'm not sure how you would do that with the "reset" button, unless you put it in front of the "click" area.  

Seeing that you have the background green, you could always have the buttons light up green around the outside of them, when you have enough gold to buy certain things ? It's your game though, so make it how you want it.

You already know that "secondes" should be  "seconds"

Playtime:   At level 1, it only goes to 59 seconds then resets back to 0, until you have 1,000 or more clicks.  After that, it will only count to 2 minutes 59 seconds, then resets back to 2 minutes 0 seconds.

Playtime is connected to (Total clicks) AND (Level).  After 1,000 clicks the Playtime only goes up to 2 minutes 59 seconds, but after I got level 8, it now goes to 6 minutes 59 seconds?

If possible, just make the Playtime separate and have it as a standard "number counter", it should work properly that way, since it wouldn't be connected to anything.

Total clicks:  works properly

Best clicks per second:  this works properly also, but you may want to hide this in Achievements or somewherre else, because the number only shows your fastest click and doesn't do anything else. You could just remove it and add an achievement for 5 clicks/second or 10 clicks/second if you wanted.

Current clicks per second: works properly

Screen breathing - The normal respiration rate for an adult at rest is 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

If you slow down the screen "breathing" by a little (maybe 16/minute) , it would have more of a relaxing effect while playing. I think you have it going 19/minute? Don't make it TOO slow though, you don't want relax too much and fall asleep while playing it lol.   But like I said earlier, it's your game, so do what you want   :)

Edit - If you want to work on your other game or different things I don't mind.  You don't need to keep working on the game just for me lol. I've been on here playing games and helping people fix bugs now and again, like I do over at Deviantart and other websites.

If you really wanted me to help, I have many ideas. Each time you gain a level, you could add a swirling line around the very middle, like an actual Atom. Or, after so many clicks (every 500 or 1,000), have the smoke trail coming off the mouse explode and change to a different color. I could come up with a lot of different things.  You wouldn't want to have TOO many things on the screen flashing or going too fast though, because certain people could have seizures.

This is much better than it was before. Going from level 19-20 is 406 clicks. The total number of clicks from level 1-20 is 4,087.

If you start adding more buttons, you might want to raise that 17 clicks up to 22-25 or maybe even higher. It depends how fast the other buttons give you gold.

The power % works better now. For it to go up, you need to click approximately 3 times every second.  It doesn't fluctuate nearly as much as before.

When the Power % drops to 0%, it does not magically jump back to 100%, so that has been fixed.

Right now, the game is geared towards "active clicking" and less "idle".

When I tried the newest update, I played it like I usually play clicker games (continuous clicking, averaging 6-12 clicks/second). I bought the least expensive items everytime.

I click very fast and to get to level 20, it still took me 27 minutes. (somewhere between 9,720 - 19,440 total clicks, I didn't keep track) . 

It would probably take an hour or more for a "regular player, 3-5 clicks/second",  to get to level 20.

Most clicker games have small achievements (you have clicked 100 times, 1,000 times, etc), or atleast somewhere that you can see your "total clicks". Maybe even somewhere that shows your "Total playing time".  Some people like challenging themselves, to see how fast they can click, or get to a certain level within a set amount of time.

In my opinion so far,   if you like clicker games, where you are actually (Playing the game) and not just sitting there "watching it", even though there aren't many buttons yet, this game is getting more fun each update.

I really like that little smoke trail coming off the mouse.

I didn't see any game breakers this time around.

The growing curve is good because, it forces you to buy the managers and train them.

After level 22 it started taking a while. I completely stopped clicking and was just waiting for the Managers to get the gold for me.  After I reset, I didn't use any managers at all. Going from level 19-20 is 1,000 clicks, 39-40 is 2,000 etc.

The growing curve you have is 50 clicks each level. 100 >150 >200 >250 >>>

Possibly use a % then have it round up to the nearest whole number. I've noticed that some clicker games would use something around 17%.  Each level would go 100 > 117 > 137 > 160  >>> the amount of clicks per level wouldn't go up as fast.

The (Power %) on the top right, seems to do whatever it wants to do.

When you're clicking, it goes up to 100 then stays between (95-100%) This part works properly.

When you are not clicking (Idle) the Power goes up and down randomly, I'm not sure why it goes up by itself?

"IF" it goes all the way to 0%, it magically jumps back to 100%.

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Not bad for a clicker, I see a lot of potential. I like how the screen is breathing slowly, it seems relaxing to me. 

The Gold per click starts out slow but, when you get around level 50 it goes up very quickly. At level 115 or so, your gold per click (top left) is actually higher than the amount you need to level it up, so its basically a game breaker. It may do the same thing for the Managers, but I only bought 25 of them to see how they worked. 

On the bottom left where it says (Rest), it should say (Reset).

Other than that, I don't see anything else wrong with the game. Thank you very much, I had fun playing it.