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I recommend using something like BeepBox online. i use it to make vocals and it works well!

i think what they meant by "shine of love" Is that they have to show love towards something. 

Ex. one's significant other

Stand name: Czerwone Jagody (Czerwone Jagody)

Stand User: Mirtilla Castellano (My JJBA Vento Aureo OC)

Also a clarification, She can reanimate the dead for as long as she wants, but it will crumble and break overtime. If her stand power is too focused on one body, it will crumble to dust.

You're welcome! Im usually a pretty nice person.

Yeah, like Ghiaccio's stand.

Name: Song 2 (Song 2 by blur)

Stand user: Sam McLemore

Range: 1m

thats Song 2


Thats actually not a bad stand! Not too weak, not to OP!

This actually helps me stretch my lower back muscles, and now i'm not stiff! I can also do poses i never knew i could do! THANKS ANDREW GAUBATZ!

this is a cute little game!


i love it

dang! that sounds cool!

thats actually kinda wholesome! great idea, irve!

You have officially triggered IC3PEAK. 
Look at what you've done. The Enemy stand users are here....

Yeah, Since IC3PEAK is a Wendigo-like stand, i figured it might work.. Could be lethal in the wrong hands tho... But in my hands, its f r e e  r e a l  e s t a t e

I like Jacky. They DO seem to be a Jacky kind of person..

thats me and my stand that i drew.


I made my Hazbin Hotel OC. They were an Area 51 worker who was drugged by the Government for attempting to reveal Proof of Extraterrestrial life. They Died from a Brain Aneurysm a week later. They went to hell because They performed experiments on the aliens and fellow workers.

But what should I name Them...?