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The aspect I like best of your game is that there are multiple ways to play it and yet it has good error tolerance.

The nostalgic items + AR card blind box is a very promising idea! I'm sure there is a great opportunity there! If you finally have a chance to publish or commercialise the series of cards, I'll definitely buy them!

Agree with @helimoon that the visual looks really trendy and unique. I totally get that the pixel font is a part of the design, but I'd also have concerns with the eligibility - maybe you can look for other pixel fonts that are easier to read?

It reminds me several games where you play as a hole (such as Donut County and but it's also distinct from any of them. It might be easy to make a "hole game" but you really bring this idea back to life by adding the Adruino control and counting marks by the number of seeds!

I tried hard wanting to figure out how you created the perfectly real and smooth biking control and I just never made it lol. You guys are definitely genius at optimising the set building and player experience!

It's so smart to play with the model texture! It's the most creative but yet smart way I've ever seen on making the VFX! Since your game scene looks absolutely gorgeous, I wonder could you make the UI and text more polished too to match with the models.

Apart from what we have discussed in the playtesting:

I really love the mixture of realistic natural landscape with sharp artefacts such as the status,  walls of the maze and magic signs. The clean geometric shapes are refreshing among the plants and therefore gives your game great and unique visual identity.

I love the collage styled visuals that mix your drawing and processed photographs because they serve your theme perfectly. It exaggerates the cold and terrifying reality. As I said in class, the sound effects are really intense and I like them. But they are also a bit repetitive and abrupt, to be honest. Maybe you'd wanna adjust the frequency of playing some of the sound clips.

Hahaha the trick you found is actually a bug but interestingly we've heard many players reporting that the bug saved their life! So I'd think it a lovely mistake!

And thanks for the crits on typeface! I agree!

Really appreciate the concept and takeaway message!

Actually I don't agree with John - it's more powerful for not having a win scene because endingless survival game is just how the world works. Knowing the fact that it's way harder to keep living than to die adds a layer deeper on the seemingly cute setting.

The concept of reunion with friend is so heart warming! And actually I'm not against the idea that penguins and polar bear appearing in the same world, and penguins and TV talking to the player lol

hahahaha tbh we scared ourselves like sh*t when we were making it

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to know that the spoilers did help you navigate!

Hey, I‘m guessing... is there anything not working well in your resolution/camera/canvas? I can't see the whole game scene.

What about adding some openess? Like you can push things around or different conditions for opening the door.

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Hahaha yes I do want you to race! This is why I tagged it an action game.

Hahaha kicking the props is genius!!!

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I love the overall atmosphere! I agree with others that it's amazing how you assemble assets from different sources and still give them a consistent style (usually it'll be a total mess for me!).  Not only the sound and visual, but also how you set the speed and inertia parameters so that things float slowly in the space.

To be honest I didn't read your hint carefully and I headed to the most recognisable item, the planets. But I soon realised that I could only move them awkwardly. Maybe you'd want to attach more functionality on the planets, or leave them there as easter eggs?

P.S. I resonate with the problem of DoNotDestroyOnLoad. I really wish I know how to destroy some of them when I need :)

Thank you! Your interpretation is so poetic!

Thank you so much for your playtest and feedback! I'm so happy that the concept resonate more or less with you!

And yes, I totally agree with you that the difficulty is a problem... If you're still interested with completing the game (it only has two levels), try not to touch the white dancers and approach to the red item. Also I'll try update my description to make the learning progress easier for others!

I love it! This is so crazy!