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I enjoyed the gameplay a lot! It was very difficult (which is good). I enjoy a challenge!

(first game I played) I enjoyed this game a lot! I liked how you had to figure out how to get through it! Very well done :)

(game played at 3:10) I enjoyed this game a lot! The idea was something I haven't seen before, and it was very challenging...too challenging for me :(

(games starts at 1:45) My favorite part about this game were the footstep noises. I always got on edge every time I heard them.

An interesting and terrifying game! I couldn't complete it, but I still enjoyed :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It played like Baldi's Basics, but it had enough of its own additions that it didn't seem like a direct copy. I still need to learn a lot of the game mechanics, but I still knew enough to have fun playing. The horror aspect was also really interesting, and the jumpscares were on point. I actually enjoyed this more than Baldi's but don't tell anyone. Thanks for making this :)