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i like the use of real video footage here - just gives it a very unique feel! would love to see this expanded with more levels :)

the download link doesn't work?

i get a fatal error everytime i try to run and it crashes :(

ooh, i really liked this! reminded me a little of "acrophile" by whilegameisfalse - hope you do some more games in this style cause it's definitely unique for horror games!

your games are very good at creating an eerie and sinister atmosphere - can't wait for the next one!

i like this! i did run into a bug i think - on level 1-??? i fell in a gap but didn't die. i was able to run along the bottom but i couldn't escape or kill myself to restart. the controls feel really good though!

is there a download?

very weird, very cool! loved how retro this felt to play while also having such a unique concept.

after breakfast i ended up getting stuck in the dug grave and couldn't jump out lol 

otherwise, i've definitely enjoyed the game so far!

i'm really bad at this game, but i find it so interesting. strange and intriguing  - keeps me trying again and again.

hi there! when I leave the very first room, the screen says Now Loading but nothing ever loads? I let it sit for 5 minutes, hit every key, and I know the game hasn't frozen so I'm not sure what's going on :(

coming back and playing this again - honestly the mission log/review feature is so nice to have! with rpgs especially, i don't always remember what i was doing the last time i played so being able to look at what missions i have still active, which are completed, etc. makes the overall game a lot more enjoyable!

good game so far! ^-^

i really enjoy this game - fun characters with lots of personality! i will say i think there needs to be like a smidge more time to complete the school gym mini game Cleo's Catch, especially since when you get caught it sends you back to the starting point. maybe an additional 15 seconds? otherwise i've had a pretty good time playing so far! ^-^

so i've collected the 4 scraps of paper but now i have no clue what to do now - i've clicked on everything i can, gone in every room i can, i don't know the passcode to the chest in the run down upstairs room, and i can't view the paper scraps now that they're in my inventory. so what am i supposed to do?

this was a wonderful experience! a lovely, bittersweet story with beautifully illustrated characters - it even made me cry by the end!

man i love this game! i'm on my 4th playthrough and it makes me just as happy as the first time!

no shame in wanting to update things cause your skills have improved! i'm excited to see the final product!

i really loved this and wish it was longer! great classic point and click adventure!

i hope this does get a full official release! i really like the unique story and setting ^-^

a fantastically unique and haunting game experience - i find myself thinking about this game, even months after playing!

so i've only hit the second boss fight, but i'm really enjoying the game so far! the art style is fun and lively, setting is great, and all the characters so far feel refreshing and unique :)

No  worries things happen :) Thanks dude!

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hi there! i'm on windows :) here's a screenshot of the error (it pops up during the practice abilities test and then continues to pop up every 5 seconds)

what is the confirm button on the main screen? i've tried hitting enter, Z, return...nothing will confirm any menu choices :(

a stargate-inspired game!! heck yeah :D

Hi! I keep getting an error message where it's trying to load a Fire sound effect - it keeps popping up and it only gives me a "Retry" button option.

so I think I found a bug - I caught the first two fish, but then lost the third worm and the game wouldn't spawn anymore worms so I couldn't progress any farther.

not sure if it's the game or my system, but when I get to the part where the lunar whale appears the game becomes basically unresponsive. if i hit the movement keys nothing happens, then after a minute or two the sprite on screen will suddenly jump to where it should have walked. the animation for the lunar whale doesn't play either so it just hangs there statically. i can get into the menu and the game responds in real time but as soon as i try to go back to the overworld map the game goes back to being laggy/unresponsive.

i really loved playing this so far and i'm sad i might not get to finish it :(

thanks though!

this is super neat so far! love the character designs (and cover art!!) and the different environments we get to experience with each character's narrative. i also really enjoy the way the game feels so refreshing while also charmingly familiar.

fantastic work so far!

of course! :) it's a 5 year old ASUS with intel celeron processor lol so definitely not a gaming laptop!

fun little game with some super creepy pigs! also, the game ran great on my crappy old laptop so kudos!

wonderful atmosphere - i really loved just staring up at the night sky :) the game also ran really smoothly on my crappy laptop so that was extra appreciated!

this was such a fun game! i loved the cartoon-y artstyle, the characters were all entertaining, and the story kept me engaged.  i hope you make more games because this was fantastic and i will definitely recommend!

cute graphics! i agree that some sort of visual "cue" when you select an action (like highlighting the box in a different color) would be helpful :)

all in all an enjoyable game!

i'm still playing through the game for the first time, but i've found it to be a great rpg in a non-traditional rpg setting ^-^ i can definitely tell how much work, time, and love went in to this project! thank you for sharing!

finally got around to giving this a try, and i'm so glad i did ^-^

fantastically atmospheric, unique and stylish visuals, and great characters! i loved it so much i became a patron!

can't wait for the next chapter!

super creepy and tense, with great graphics

i just wanted to say that gif is like the worst thing ever 10/10 absolute nightmare fuel