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this was such a fun game! i loved the cartoon-y artstyle, the characters were all entertaining, and the story kept me engaged.  i hope you make more games because this was fantastic and i will definitely recommend!

cute graphics! i agree that some sort of visual "cue" when you select an action (like highlighting the box in a different color) would be helpful :)

all in all an enjoyable game!

i'm still playing through the game for the first time, but i've found it to be a great rpg in a non-traditional rpg setting ^-^ i can definitely tell how much work, time, and love went in to this project! thank you for sharing!

finally got around to giving this a try, and i'm so glad i did ^-^

fantastically atmospheric, unique and stylish visuals, and great characters! i loved it so much i became a patron!

can't wait for the next chapter!

super creepy and tense, with great graphics

i just wanted to say that gif is like the worst thing ever 10/10 absolute nightmare fuel

i'm getting this error everytime i hit play (second capture in comment)

i fuckin D I E D

10/10 would absolutely recommend

definitely! thank you so much! I'm loving the game so far ^^

any tips on beating the manos bat? i tried focusing on the manos bat, and then focusing on A (drained both of all their mana using curse of the naga) but they still kept casting and healing for 3000 HP. just spent 30 minutes trying everything i could think of and getting nowhere hahaha!

i'm honestly stumped ^^'

really neat! i thought the character models and environments were great, the audio effects created some spooky atmosphere, and the bite-sized story left me wanting more! 

absolutely gorgeous pixel art (the shading and sense of depth in each screen are incredible), animations are fantastic - the writing needs a little tightning up so it flows more smoothly, but otherwise an overall beautifully poignant and impressive proof of concept ^-^

this game fucked me up - like, legit crying in real life. super rough to play thru (i just kept wanting it to end before it did), and the dialogue was intensely realistic. the experience of quiet desperation, breaking down in those tiny private moments, all the while being (unintentionally) ground down by your loved ones.


fantastic art - looks great so far :)

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i loved this game! the music really added to the atmosphere, and the soft pixel visuals are lovely <3

beautiful and poignant little experience - thank you for sharing <3

the musical selection and almost impressionist like visuals come together to make a neat and soothing experience!

i love "ted the caver", and this was a neat little interpretation!

the update to this game contains a trojan!

silly lololol

a weird and neat little experience!

oddly soothing

super cute and sexy little game! i loved everything about it ^-^

definitely creepy and though i figured there'd be something behind me or in front of me at the end, it still startled me haha :) nice job i really enjoyed!

very atmospheric with just enough tension having to avoid the divers! i haven't figured out where to get the third little blessing (they're really cute though ^-^) but i'm enjoying exploring the area and seeing all the neat features - great job!

i'm having the same issue and when i make it windowed i can't adjust the window boundaries at all - not sure how to add the setdisplay line to the executable ^-^'

real neato :D i enjoyed my visit!

i've tried both versions but the game seems to crash on the first Plaza 96 screen - the "Logging In" text flashes a handful of times at the bottom, then stops, the sound changes and the cursor appears but the game won't load any further. i get a "not responding" windows message if i click at all. i'm super bummed - must be something on my end!

haven't finished yet but wow! i'm really enjoying this game so far :) 

even playing thru on easy, the battles can be quite challenging but i like it! the combat system is easy to pick up and moves smoothly (though sometimes the screen gets a little hectic with all the statuses going off at once haha!)

the storyline is engaging - your choices really do matter here which i appreciate. more than once i've found myself making a choice that made me go back and reload my save to try again! i think i've decided to go the good/redemption route but i'm also excited to try a more dastardly path the next time!

i was so happy to find such an in-depth and engaging rpg with a majority female cast! lots of colorful personalities and fun dialogue :) watching their relationships develop and grow has been a key part of my enjoyment!

overall, a fantastic and compelling rpg so far and one that i would recommend to any rpg lover!

loved the visual style and the soothing twinkly music - charming and warm little game!