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thats a great idea. wish I had thought of that.

Yep really what I need is different difficulty modes. but yeah if you are screwed over by where you placed the camp fire you just need to restart. Thanks for playing though!

I survived 65 seconds. nice game!

when eating the meal you prepared it doesn't give you all the food you should be getting. it says +100 your food meter can only go up to 100 for some reason. other than that great game, good polish and loved the idea and art style good job.

Really neat game.. would have liked a few sounds or a bit more 'juice' but still kept playing :)

Great sounds and clever game.

Good graphic's not sure you can die crunchy attacking but repetitive loop of doing the same thing good job

You have 20 troop who have 20 ammo and 20 health.

Click on your troop then click in the location you want to move them to move the troop.

Protect the commander in the middle .

Ammo pads are in the top left and right corner and give you ammo.

The healing pad is beside the commander it will heal your troops

The power up pad it beside the commander as well the more troops you put on it the faster it charges if it gets fully charged it kills all the zombies

Good luck.

LOVE THE GRAPHICS but found a bug. when you die you just infinitly run to the right

thanks! if you have a game link it and I will rate it. home made sound effects are the best XD

thanks! if you have a game link it and I will rate it

thanks! if you have a game link it and I will rate it


that is a problem cant run the game

jumping and movement is a little floaty

my best score is 565 try and beat it

player cant move is the theme

I vote unusual weapons and player cant move

vote in comments for themes:


 inside a computer

unusual weapons

Black and white

More then one room

Ice Hockey

Player can't move

thx for the info

what are you ment to do

thanks for the feedback that is why I posted it early

yea I will improve it