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Extremely short, but very pleasant. I like it. I understand it was made in just a week, but I wished for tapirs, howler monkeys, poison-arrow frogs -- just more stuff.

Maybe one day you could come back to it and add more.

Got a Page Not Found on the site.

This game worked just fine for me in the early part of this year. Today, I played it again, and it would not load anything in the pictures -- only in the movie theater, where it showed a video as per normal.

I don't know whether Google and YouTube have changed some programming to prevent your program from working, or what, but I thought you should know.

Ah, okay, my mistake.

Is there any way to save a loop?

No sound; appears not to be working

This is . . . adorable. A strange word to use, maybe, but that's the one that fits. :)

Thank you -- I may use this to put genre names on a sign on a music store in the cyberpunk amusement park I'm making in Planet Coaster.

So clever, and so endearing. The game was short and simple, but it really charmed me, to the point where I want to see a sequel where the Hermit and Rhiannon meet each other again.

Using nothing but sprites and fonts for graphics was ingenious.