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difficulty level is very high. maybe ok if you can 1 cc DDP or Touhou

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Wow! Very cool! Really, Wow! Love the graphics! Great job! Definitely worth a playthrough!

I kept on getting hit by stuff that i didn't see till after... maybe it's me not paying enough attentions to the colors

Maybe because the bullets are being shot from too close to the player?

Maybe the white lazer makes it difficult to see the bullets? but i do like the lazer! and the bullets!

Ship speed seems a bit slow...  maybe i'm too used to DDP

btw for players there is a auto-bomb option, where you select narrow or wide shot type

WOW!, Amazing job, what a great game! You've earned your self a fan!

wow! this game is something special! controls are tight and amazing. love the animation. i like how the music makes it feel a bit spooky.

i'm a fan, keep up the great work!

feels like something is missing though, i get deeply immersed then i find my attention wondering. maybe its pacing or the music or maybe its just me.


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fun and enjoyable! nice work

wow! so great! where can we donate?

Wow! great game! love the graphics! great fun!

wow nice work! looking forward to your next release!

enjoyed it! great fun!  

would it be possible to add "degrees of angle/loft" and "power %" 

some holes have a issue where the ball falls off on the edge of the screen wrap.

sometimes starts in french when i choose english.

fun game, design is great, nice work.