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Haha, cheers mate. I've never seen that show, so just watched that episode on youtube. That was what I was going for, audience ratings pushing you in further. 

Hey mate,

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah this was our introduction to using F-mod in Unity. Task was to make a sound experience not really a game in 2 weeks individually. Haha when I first made it I forgot to put in a mute all button drove me mad.

Cheers mate for the honest feedback as it all helps me improve my development skills.

To be honest you should have died in the house, there was 2 scares you missed so maybe that didn't trigger the death scene. The camera glitch wasn't a glitch that was intentional as the msg says you need to go down and fix it, was trying to lead the player down stairs.

All up I think I had about 8 weeks to make it by myself.(TY asset store) lol.

Hey tito76, yeah RT to accelerate in games is fairly common now days. Maybe if it was more top down micro machine style then Right stick to accelerate would of been more appropriate.

Thank you for your feedback, in the future I will try to implement custom controls for driving games if I can.

Cheers mate for the feedback, will look at implementing the change to the end.

Hey mate, I've just updated my game to the final build. Keen to hear what you think of it.

Hey mate, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for you time in making a video. I really don't know how to take it lol.

I have updated the game some more and have 2 more weeks until I have to submit it.

Will let you know when the final build is ready if you like?.