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Thank you for showing appreciation and giving suggestions. :D
There're too many ideas developed and juggled at the same time, but this idea can be revised later after finishing other projects.
I currently have a solo puzzle game project working on, a Zelda-like project with some other developers, and a board game idea being brewed.
Maybe this idea will get more attention and care with some idle time passed, we will see.

Time traveling mechanics is always nice.

Creative use of the theme and I love the game art and puzzles.

long snowball (ball?)

Great game!

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There is a unsolvable level because I misplaced some tiles.

Hack it to skip that level. (The diagonal one)

Last level was also unsolvable because of a previous bug fix.

The idea is great and the execution's been nailed. It has even fitted into the previous jam theme, multi-purpose design.

Very original idea. I would like to see more of it.

Interesting mechanics while minimal there is some potential if there are more features added.

The design is well thought out. Good game.

It is super polished. Nice puzzle game with great art style.

Thank you!

You can copy the source code to the PuzzleScript editor and add new levels

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My advice would be to not getting too invested into an idea at first and to getting more downtime from the idea.

Having hobbies (or vacation time) that doesn't involve creating anything can reduce your stress of creating something interesting. Those are the time that refill your creative juice.

Take for example, if you want to design a game, don't think about or even play games when you really want to rest. 

Haha, level 6 was a big surpise!

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Thank you. I'm working on something big that hopefully will be released after a long time. But I will release something small in the process if I feel like to. 

It is a game jam game. We didn't have time to include the information. Sorry.

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I tested the export and found a bug. If you exported and distributed with the pro version, the .exe is also the pro version. But actually, you can export .exe without the pro. And I can still use the exported pro version to press F1, F2, etc after closing the game (not the editor).

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Why couldn't I change the theme of 4coder on Windows 10 (using demo)? I was using the older version on Linux and could change the theme.

Edit: From, I read I need the super version to fix this. I am going to buy it anyway (wanted to wait for Linux build). I guess this purchase includes all 4.x versions?

Hello, it is me who collaborates with Croubble. Thank you for playing the game.

I think the use of different shapes and textures would help to differentiate the mechanics. Give textures to crates and walls. Make buttons and gates having different shapes.

Also, green and red are rather meaningless.  You can make the button's color matches the corresponding object's color with sightly different shades. You have lighter and darker shade for most colors.

All the blocks have different shades. They are different.

This game surprised me a lot. Even I breezed through it, the gameplay was over my expectation. Could I miss something in a playthrough?