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Incredible little experience you made here :) very clever with the game description too T.H.I.S.G.A.M.E.I.S.S.H.I.T

Holy crap, This game is a freaking masterpiece, especially the parts that are meant to be creepy, it keeps it so entertaining, i'm probably only about half way or so through the story but this is amazing <3 Keep up the work on making amazing games!!

I must say this was ABSOLUTELY delightful to play through. I ended up getting ending 5 through my first playthrough and honestly this is so well made and short enough that coming back for more playthroughs is a must. Keep up all the good work :)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Runey for making this, downloaded to my phone as something to play on the back of the bus during transit to work and I must say you've really fleshed out a great storyline with each of the girls (Especially Ashley of course) Hope to see a new version soon! c:

Honestly I first found out about this and played it when you released it on steam, and honestly just wanna say again that this is beautiful and amazing with what you've done so far! Please keep up the amazing work ❤

This game is such a "treat" ;D to play and honestly the series as a whole is an amazing adventure, not only that but you got me some cool clothing swag to show off now. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Nami for this beautiful story that you've given everyone a chance to experience❤

Thank you for this game Dev, while simplistic in nature it's really a beautiful work of art.