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Just finished the demo, and it was fun. I found an odd bug in the game that would create a random chest before beating any previously dealt with enemies, but I had... mixed results recreating it. Most of the time it didn't work, and the time I successfully recreated it, it just created a opened box instead of a closed one. The stat system seems weird to me. The only ones that really seem to affect the flow of battle are attack, agility, and luck (at least I think luck also affect multi-attacks and critical hits.) I take it either much more powerful passives and artifacts will be found later on, or at the low levels the demo is designed to leave you at, you won't see very large results. Well either way, the mooks all look great (and once you figure out how to cheese them, they fall pretty easily), the atmosphere and backgrounds are wonderful, and that boss is hard as heck. Good job for a demo. I look forward to the full release :)