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Hi there, I have the GMS 1.4 version.  I was wondering  if you could provide an update or new asset or even just a quick explanation here about how I should go about adding ramps to this asset? I currently have a system in place that works, however it is a bit buggy and janky looking.

Okay so the problem was that only 8 lights are used at once.  Its not that big of a deal though again thanks for the help. You and your asset are making learning 3d a lot easier for me!

Another quick question, if you increase the view distance and darkness then everything works good except the lighting still seems to pop in. How can I fix this?

Wow. Okay I get it now thanks for your help and very quick response haha! This is a really awesome asset!

Hello, I just downloaded the source code and I'm having trouble understanding a lot of the code. Mainly with the whole terrain and Level Grid stuff. I was wondering if you could maybe comment the code there a little more or elaborate on those a bit here? Thanks! I very much like this asset, there's a lot of good things here!