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Thinking about getting this. Does it have online multiplayer live or only ghost? I want to race a friend in realtime. 

Do you have plans for this game for future updates / a roadmap anywhere?


This game demo is incredible! I loved it and can't wait for the full game to come out! I can see the Witcher similarities for sure. It also reminded me of the Gothic games, which is a good thing. With that being said, there were a few problems I had with it. 

First is the day and night cycle is far too quick. I would sleep till morning and before I knew it, it was night, and I couldn't see jack squat. To make matters worse, is I'm lost out in the world exploring without a bed in sight. So in my opinion Daylight should last longer, maybe 4-5 minutes minimum. 

Secondly I had a small problem when comparing weapon stats in the barter menu. Sometimes it would show my currently equipped weapon with lower stats, when really I had higher stats then the weapon I was comparing it to.

Other then that, awesome game and I will definitely have this on my wish list for when it comes out, an insta-buy.

Another fine asset from Yal! I just wanted to let you know I am also getting 15-20 FPS on the provided demo level in the GM:S 1.4 version. The GM:S 2 version ran around 25-30 FPS. I have a GTX 1070 gpu and a great processor so my rig shouldn't be an issue.  Probably just the limitations of Game Maker in 3d I would assume.  Keep up the amazing work!

You have some great game feel going on with all of your assets/projects! Is there any way you could share how to create the magic fireball and lighting effects from this assets images? I'm trying to create a similar effect and just can't get it right for my project. I am willing to pay if need be. Thanks for your hard work!

Wow, Yal this is amazing. I am currently working on a project, and I cannot abandon it now for this one, but this has some great features I may want to export to my own project. I am mainly interested in the  controls mapping system, and the other options at the tile screen. How hard would it be to incorporate those into my own project? If not, maybe you could make a new separate asset that has all the menu options and controls any project would need! :D

P.S. All your work is really impressive! You are truly a master of Game Maker Studio! :)

Hi there, I have the GMS 1.4 version.  I was wondering  if you could provide an update or new asset or even just a quick explanation here about how I should go about adding ramps to this asset? I currently have a system in place that works, however it is a bit buggy and janky looking.

Okay so the problem was that only 8 lights are used at once.  Its not that big of a deal though again thanks for the help. You and your asset are making learning 3d a lot easier for me!

Another quick question, if you increase the view distance and darkness then everything works good except the lighting still seems to pop in. How can I fix this?

Wow. Okay I get it now thanks for your help and very quick response haha! This is a really awesome asset!

Hello, I just downloaded the source code and I'm having trouble understanding a lot of the code. Mainly with the whole terrain and Level Grid stuff. I was wondering if you could maybe comment the code there a little more or elaborate on those a bit here? Thanks! I very much like this asset, there's a lot of good things here!