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Ah, I saw the FAQ, pardon me.  Still, I would love to see this game come to that platform at some point.  I would definitely play it on my tablet.

Seems like the game would work well on iOS devices if support were added.  Would be nice to have that option. =)

This is nice.  I like the playlist.  Apparently I share your taste in music.

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Thanks ArcOfDream, that seems to have worked.  I have been having fun with the game on Windows in the meantime, but am excited to be able to play it on my main system now.  (Triple shot homing laser is best gun.)

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Thanks for your reply; I am using Ubuntu 18.04. 
I installed openssl:i386, but the issue persists unchanged as far as I can observe.  Do you have another suggestion?

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I just picked up this game, looks like a good time.  Firstly, thanks for providing a Linux version of the game.  I use Windows or Mac very rarely, so I really appreciate the option.

That said, unfortunately I have run into a version dependency problem.  Libssl has updated a couple of versions, and Monolith is not willing to use the newer version of the library (I apparently have version 1.0.2 in Ubuntu).  Can you please provide a patch/update to resolve this?  Going back to the older version is inadvisable due to crypto security concerns.

Here is the full error;

./runner: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory